Samsung Z3: Top 5 Features Need To Know

After flagships and mid-ranged Android phones, renowned smartphone manufacturer Samsung is engaging with something new and most probably better than Android, the Tizen OS. If you’d remember, last year, the company introduced its first-ever Tizen powered smartphone, the Z1 in India. The phone was a decent hit, and was accepted broadly as a standard choice for budget smartphone buyers. Well now, we have its elder sibling, the Z3 on the block!

The new Samsung Z3 continues from where Z1 left off. The phone features an improved iteration of the light, fast, and impressive Tizen OS and incorporates a much better look and feel. It’s currently up for grabs in India at a price which is very similar to several entry-level Android phones, and is also offering a plethora of mind-boggling features for seamless work and play. So, in case you’re feeling dubious how good Samsung Tizen Z3 is, check out some of the best feature that come with it-:

Samsung Z3

  1. Stunning form-factor and design which you can’t really ignore

Samsung Tizen Z3 features a design which is not commonly seen with standard Android phones. Unlike most Galaxy smartphones, the dual SIM based Samsung Z3incorporates a rectangular kind of design with squared up edges. Its sleek and slim ultra-modern design and dazzling metal finish add to the aesthetics and give a great feel while holding and carrying the device around.

In terms of looks and styling, the phone makes a great first impression in three gorgeous colours, Black, Silver, and Gold.And in terms of build quality, no question at all. It’s a Samsung and is far better than usual budget phones rolling in the market.

  1. A viewing experience like no other

In the normal course of action, a budget phone from a renowned brand offers nothing more than standard qHD display. It gives a decent viewing experience but is not as crisp as many of us would have liked. Well, the new Samsung Z3 is here to change that.

The Tizen powered Samsung Z3 incorporates a beautiful 5-inch HD Super AMOLED display, and endows a detailed visual experience with crisp colour clarity, perfect viewing angles, and adequate sunlight legibility.The phone creates an amazing ecosystem for complete entertainment, and allows you toenjoy crisp detail and lifelike colours with an excellent contrast ratio.Indoors or outdoors, the display of the handset makes a great impression and stays perfect with rich colour rendering and deeper Blacks!

  1. A powerful Camera on-board

Along with slick visual experience, Samsung Z3 features a very impressive camera set up as well. The Tizen powered phone packs an 8-megapixel rear and a 5-megapixel front-facing shooter, and delivers picture-perfect images in all environments.It comes with an f/2.2 apertureand performs terrifically well in low light conditions.You’ll get bright and well-focusedimages from the rear camera, and superb selfies with Samsung’s very impressive 120-degree wide selfie mode! Plus, Samsung also offers quick launch capabilities for capturing every moment with perfection.

  1. Aslick, light, and very impressive user-interface

While some say Tizen OS is fairly weak and annoying, we say, it’s the biggest highlight of the Z3 smartphone. The light and incredibly fast user interface not only allows you to do a lot more, but also delivers a nice user-experience. The app icons are really well designed and you can play around with interface any way you like. There are tons of themes and wallpaper on board, and you can even handpick your favourite applications just from a single swipe on the home-screen.The numbers of apps on the Tizen store is definitely lesser than Android, but don’t worry, there’s a lot that can work out for you.

In a nutshell, if you’re looking a decent user-experience with buttery smooth performance, no other budget-friendly option can go better than slick and intuitive Tizen OS.

  1. Battery Designed to Last

Though there are many more qualities, we are consideringthe battery backupof Samsung Z3 as one of the biggest highlights. The dual SIM phone incorporates usual connectivity options, and offers longer than expectedpower backup with its humongous 2600 mAh battery.It offers sufficient juice for seamless work and play and caters all essential requirement of a user with perfection. In fact, Samsung proudly touts that the powerhouse battery of this handset can give up to 55 hours of music play back and 15 hours talk time, which is certainly best in the Sub-10k price category.

Moreover, Samsung’s very powerful Ultra Power Saving Mode also plays a significant role in doubling up the battery life. Even if you have 10% battery, switching to the UPSM mode will give you extended power support for catering basic requirements with perfection. It extends standby time up to 33 hours, and gives prolonged performance by shutting down unnecessary functions, apps, and background programs, and switching the screen to a battery saving monochrome mode!

Bottom Line

Though Samsung Tizen Z3 is a new player against budget Android phones, we cannot say the handset has grabbed our complete attention.However, considering its buttery smooth performance and slick user-interface, we can certainly guarantee,it will be a nice experience switching from those cheap Android phones to a new Z3, whichendows powerful innards, slick OS and prolonged battery life.

In a nutshell, with no exception for the Z3, Samsung continues to offer impressive andwell-built smartphones in the highly competitive budget smartphone market. The South-Korean giant is offering Z3 with a bunch offers at a tempting price tag of Rs. 8,490.The phone is available globally across all online portals and retail outlets, and can also be purchased occasionally with lucrative cashback and discount schemes.

To sum things up, we can say, Samsung Tizen Z3 is really good, and there’s nothing in the sub-10k price category that stop this phone from dominating against the likes of popular budget players aka, Xiaomi, Micromax, Lenovo, and Motorola!


Easy Buying of Mobile Phones with AskMeBazaar Coupons

The introduction of the e-commerce market for shopping can be said as one of the best inventions, as people find it more relaxing to shop online and choose the things they desired. Some of the e-commerce pioneers of India are providing best deals everyday and people find it more interesting way to buy things, at the same time with lesser price compared to the market value. Well, who will not be interested to get a lesser price or if they get another item free with what they are buying isn’t it?

AskMeBazaar is one of the India’s top e-commerce markets which has all kinds of products and with best offered deals every day. They offers different coupon deals on every product and one can find the best deals to buy smart phones with AskMeBazaar coupon for mobile. They provides excellent deals and offers especially during the holidays and festive seasons and AskMeBazaar coupons will also help buy or gift a mobile phone which might be in our list long pending.

Use of Coupons for Mobile

When people visit the AskMeBazaar site for the first time through app in their mobile phones or any other gadgets may not know the use of coupons and might miss out on great deals and offers. Coupons are your pass to find your product for a lesser price and buy it with satisfaction. AskMeBazaar coupons for mobile will let you buy mobile phones for lesser price than the actual price. Some of them have great deals on some particular days. Smartphones are way much costlier in today’s world with its enticing features. Shopping with coupons lets its customer to choose and buy at a reasonable and affordable price.


Offers and deals of Coupons

AskMeBazaar coupons have many offers and deals varying from discounts to exchange offers. Some of the best deals seen in AskMeBazaar are,

  • Depending on the sales offers, AskMeBazaar coupon has about 50, 60 and even 70% off on top branded mobile phones.
  • It has dual offers with discount as well as an item free, like sim card, memory card, etc.
  • There are exchange offer with your old mobile phones using the coupon allowing the customers enjoy the latest technology with the smart phones.
  • Most of the coupon offers are applicable with cash on delivery option as well.

Purchasing mobile with Coupons

There are many websites which provide these coupons for different e-commerce online shopping websites and customers can select AskMeBazaar from the website choices. It will be navigated to the AskMeBazaar official website. In the home page customers can visit the mobile phones section or the best deals and offers of the day to check what offers are available on the purchase offer and with AskMeBazaar coupons for mobile offer. Depending on your requirement and satisfaction of the offers and discounts, you can proceed with purchasing the mobile by clicking the ‘buy now’ button. The page will be navigated to the buying details of the website in which the customer need to provide all the details of where the product needed to be sent and mode of payment as well.


How to hack the password of a Wi-Fi connection

In the modern lives, internet has become an important part of everyone’s life. Wireless hot spots or Wi-Fi are all around. If you are using a personal computer or laptop with a wireless data card, you must notice several networks popping up around you. But most of these hotspots are secured with security keys and passwords. Every time a person tries to connect to any of the hot spots he failed to get access. In such circumstance he my like to use Wifi Password hack tool. A great password hacker for Wi-Fi is the best tool for these network failures. When people search for a hack tool to get access to a hotspot connection they can find several tools available online. They can find hacking feature available in two formats such as downloadable hacking software and online hack tool. People can make their own choice from these options.

Find the best Wi-Fi hack tool

The best hacking software will let the users to hack all wireless hot spots they want to. Users can hack the internet connection within few minutes. There are some benefits they can obtain from using the hack tool. First they can use the software for completely free. Secondly, they can remain online without paying for any service. The best hack tool guarantees and promises the hacking of all wireless hot spots without problems. This means using the hack tool is fun and enjoyable with no worries. The number of hack they can hit with this tool is amazing. People have to read the security concern before using a hack tool. They can read the terms and conditions of accessing the tool. If you like to use a downloadable hack tool available in the form of apps, you need to read the security concerns and make sure the software is free from malware and virus. This can ensure the privacy of your personal data in your computer.


What you should do to hack the password

There are few tasks for users to hack the password of a wireless hot spot. They need to provide only few details to make the hacking process done. First they have to choose the hack tool type. If a user chooses online Wifi Password hack tool, he has to offer information such as name of Wi-Fi network and its location. Submitting these details will find the hotspot and hack the password of it. This process will take only few minutes. Some hack tool will ask the user to provide the type of encryption used by the hot spot. The major types used are WEP, WPA2 and WPA. WEP is the easiest one to hack or crack. Only the best hack tool comes readily automated for doing this. So, people have to find the hack tool that can crack any type of encryption easily. Users have to choose the network and wait for the hacking process to be done. It is very easy for users who even do not know the basics of programming and hacking.


Some Imperative Questions to Consider When Using Privacy Guard

The advent of technology has made people strongly attached to their smart phones. You would hardly see a person not associated with his or her phone at all times. They have been so engrossed in their phones that they tend to forget what is going around them. However, you would be required to keep a close watch on people around you who might try to pry on your privacy. You phone is your personal property. You would do loads of stuff on your phone. As a result, you would be required to keep your phone secure with you at all times.

However, when your family members or your friends ask for your phone, you would be hesitant for your personal stuff would be accessible by them. You may not be able to refuse them all the time for fear of your personal stuff been viewed by them. You might resort to other means of protecting your stuff such as keeping your messages, videos and pictures on cloud service etc. However, you would not be entirely satisfied with it, as you need to assure about being not logged into your account at all times. You must often wonder, whether there has been any simpler method to protect your personal stuff in your phone. The LEO safeguard V3 would cater you with best privacy protection app tool.

Some of the common questions that people would come across while using LEO privacy guard has been aptly answered below.

LEOMASTER Privacy Guard

How to change or reset the password?

You need to find Settings in home page placed at the top right corner. Henceforth, go to “Change Password” and you could change or reset your password.

How to protect the app from being uninstalled by someone else?

You need to go to AppLock page, enable “Advanced Protection” in AppLock Settings.

Where is fingerprint scanner located? How does it work?

The fingerprint scanner is an app cover fooling others who do not know the trick to open it.

What solution do you have in event of forgetting the password?

You need to set Security Question; it would assist you to reset a new password if you unfortunately forgot your password.

The application management tool has been made available free on iTunes, FaceBook Page, Official Website and Google Play. Download the tool and make your personal chats, messages, call logs, videos and photos protected from prying eyes and probing people.


Convenience of using Online Mobile recharge

With the advent of internet, everything has become lot easier for us these days. One can simply sit at home and order almost anything with a single click of button. E-commerce websites have been developed and people prefer to shop online. The same goes when you are planning to do a recharge online. Earlier people had to go to the market and get the paper recharge done but now there are lot many options by which you can simply sit at home and do Vodafone online recharge, BSNL recharge or even an Airtel recharge. It doesn’t matter which type of mobile operator you are using, you can simply sit at home and do recharge of your mobile phone simply by using online websites. Online recharge provides you a lot of benefits.

Ease and Convenience to recharge- If you compare online recharge with the paper recharge, you would realize the importance of having provision of online recharge through website or even through mobile application. It provides a lot of convenience for the users as they don’t have to walk to the local paper recharge shop or at the operator to get the recharge done.

Fast recharge- Another convenience of using recharge through internet or through mobile app is that one can perform Vodafone, BSNL or Airtel recharge quickly by accessing through mobile app or via website. There are new recharge websites also developed which provides free recharge for the first time users and quick recharge options through mobile wallets. This has made Vodafone online recharge very quick and efficient.

Discounts and Coupons available online- Online recharge websites also offer free recharge for the new users. Apart from that there are always some new coupons and discounts coming every now and then with the help of which one can recharge at much discounted prices compared to paper recharge from local market. No matter what mobile operator you want to recharge, for example you wish to perform BSNL recharge online, then all you need to do is create an online account or download online recharge website app and get yourself registered. This way you also get a good discount for the recharge done for the first time and also the recharge gets done quite quickly without any hassles.

100% Guarantee- Online recharge provides you assurance that your recharge will not fail unless your internet connection is good. One can recharge of any amount through online by keeping money in the online wallet systems. This provides you comfortability to recharge your mobile anytime of the day or night. Even if the online recharge fails but still your money gets credited back to your account or your online wallet system. This way you get assured recharge through online recharge system.

With the way technology is going, we are using internet to meet our day to day needs. Recharge through online websites or even through mobile application is becoming quite easy and comfortable thigh for people these days. It offers so many benefits and provides you convenience to recharge at any time, no matter which operator you are using.


What are the main benefits in Leo Privacy Guard Review?

You can apply protection watchword in three unique ways. PIN, Spot bolt, and touch ID are three distinct means through which secret key can be entered. In this way, you can bolt up your insider facts rapidly and effectively. The individual data will be ensured in the most ideal way. Your protection prerequisites will be comprehended and suitable level of security can be connected. The greater part of the clients of Leo Privacy Guard imparted their prosperity to their loved ones individuals through interpersonal interaction locales. You can experience Leo Privacy Guard Review displayed by specialists so that the components can be comprehended bitterly.

It is conceivable to import private photographs and video cuts effectively. They can be foreign made from telephone collection to private areas in an extremely productive way. The exchange can be finished with a solitary swipe. The private camera takes previews and they will be spared to your private collection. The private camera can be gotten too rapidly from warnings.

Leo Privacy Guard Review

Your own data, for example, Visa data and enrollment records can be spared to Safe Box. Through the Safe QR Code Peruser, it is conceivable to examine a wide range of standardized tags. The sweep histories will be accumulated and they will be kept under your assurance. Nobody will access them unless you share the password to get to them. The Leo Privacy Guard Review will offer you some assistance with understanding the quality included administrations offered by them.

As you introduce the application, you can redesign it at standard interims. Truth be told, it will be overhauled consequently and you will have the capacity to utilize propelled highlights. In the event that your gadget goes to rest mode, applications will go to bolt mode consequently. You can pick fun application lock covers so that those attempting to get to your gadget will have a fabulous time.

Leo Privacy Guard1

The telephone will be exceptionally secure when in introduce and utilize the application. The execution will be helped in an exceptionally effective way. You can utilize one of the four application covers, for example, Excellence spread, Mistake, an Obscure guest, and Unique mark. You can utilize any of these systems to open application. Consequently, it is conceivable to mask somebody who might want to utilize your telephone.

If you pick excellence spread, you will go over the zipping highlight. The zip will open a wonderful woman. When you open the zip, you will open the application too. If you utilize blunder highlight, a mistake like pop-up will be shown. The popup ought to be swiped so that the application will be opened. The obscure guest is the best camouflage. When somebody tries to open an application, it will seem like an obscure guest is calling your telephone. When you apply unique finger impression mode, you ought to tap finger impression 3 times so that the application will be opened.


8 Must Have Security Apps for Your Android SmartPhone

  1. TextSecure Private Messenger

Although there’s a lot of secure messaging apps out there, many of them will only work if both parties have the same specific app. TextSecure, on the other hand, does not abide by this limitation and works with standard SMS text messages. TextSecure is completely free and uses end-to-end encryption for securing text messages. In other words, no information is stored on the server. If both parties use the app, the security will be even safer.

  1. RedPhone: Private Calls

RedPhone, a free secure private call app, offers end-to-end encryption for all private phone calls. This means that nobody or entity will be able to eavesdrop on one’s phone calls. The other cool thing about this app is that it’s very easy to use. Also, RedPhone uses one’s standard phone number, so there’s no need to change caller ID.

  1. Crypt4All Lite (AES)

To put it simply, Crypt4All Lite is software that encrypts all files or documents. It uses a 256 bit AES algorithm that makes any file entirely private. One should be able to easily find this app in the Google Play store. With this encryption software, only the authorized reader will be able to read their files, with the password of course.

  1. Orbot: Proxy with Tor

Those who enjoy their online privacy can now relish this awesome app called Orbot. Orbot enables one to surf the web, do their emails and private messaging without having to worry about being monitored, blocked or spied on. As with all apps mentioned in this list, Orbot is completely free. Not only does Orbot protect one’s private information, but it keeps their location and identification anonymous as well. It uses the same relays and networks that the original Tor uses.

Security Apps

  1. AppLock

Thanks to AppLock, those who are concerned about their private information no longer have to worry about someone sneaking up on them. Basically, this app allows one to put a lock on just about everything, including SMS messages, Contacts, Gallery, Gmail, Settings, Facebook, Calls and much more. With this app, there’s no need to worry about someone borrowing one’s phone and looking at their private information.

  1. App Ops

Much like AppLock, App Ops allows one to put a lock on individual apps. Both apps have pretty much the same capabilities. App Ops was originally designed to combat Android OS’s built in “all-or-nothing” permission system. This built-in permission system either let one put a lock on all of their apps or none of their apps. With App Ops, one can lock apps of their choosing.

  1. LastPass Password Manager

A majority of people use a number of different passwords, including email, Facebook, bank account and many other passwords. Unless one has the same password for each network, which is strongly discouraged, they will have a heck of a time remembering each password. However, this app saves the day by storing one’s secret passwords all in one secure app that has layers upon layers of security. In a nutshell, a person only has to remember one master password to gain access to their other passwords.

  1. Hide.Me

Hide.Me is one of the world’s fastest and most effective VPN services. With this service, one’s WiFi and online activity will be completely encrypted and remain anonymous. Plus, Hide.Me is able to effectively stop circumvent censorship, so restrictions from other countries is no longer a reality. Any content consuming geek who is serious about online privacy, security and safety would benefit greatly from checking out Hide.Me.


Best Tool For Mobile Phone

Every people are using mobile phone for their personal use. In olden days it is hard to contact the people those who are going out for office or for any official tour. To contact the person those who are living in distance place people need to book trunk call to talk with them. They could not talk to them immediately. But now with the introduction of mobile phone people can contact with any one at any time.

They no need to wait for anything. We could not see people with mobile phone. Starting from the rich to the poor people everyone has mobile phone with them. There are different models and prices of phone are available to them. Depends on the budget of people they are buying their mobile phone. Android phone becomes more popular among people and they can use all the online work in their mobile phones.

Now people are using their mobile phone for all their work. There is no use of camera everyone are taking photos and videos on their mobile phones and immediately they upload the photos and videos in social media. People can enjoy lot of advantages through mobile phones. They can easily buy and sell anything with the help of mobile phone.

Many people are interest to play the online games with their mobile phones. Most of the people are enjoying lot of advantages and they need to face some of the disadvantages with their mobile phone. Every people like to take photos and share message with their friends and loved ones and there is chance of others to see their personal messages and photos.

Leo Privacy Guard

Uses Of Privacy Guard App

Every people like to have privacy in their personal things and they like to use their mobile phone in a safe manner. Leo Privacy Guard is one of the privacy protection apps that can be used for mobile phones. This app will help to secure the mobile phone and it will hide the messages and app in the mobile phone. They can freely download this app from Google play.

Most of the people’s phones are used by their family members and friends and they have the chances to see the personal images and videos of the person. Some people have personal messages and they like to keep some of the messages and personal photos. If anyone takes their mobile they can see all the messages and photos. To avoid this they can use the privacy guard app. People those who have doubt about the app can read the Leo Privacy Guard Review.

By using this app they can hide all their photos and gallery. That is no one able to find that they are using this app. Without hiding the gallery they can hide all their personal photos and videos. Most of the couples have problem of seeing their call logs and messages by their partner. If they use this app they can relief from their tension. And no one is able to see their messages and pictures.


Leomaster ‘A Boon for The Privacy of Your Mobile Phones’

We have been living in a world of smart phones now since ages and we ourselves do not remember exactly when did we become so dependent on the mobile phones or tabloids we have been using. Today’s twenty first century is so particular and protective for their possessions that they do not want to disclose their things to anybody and smart phones are their best keepers. To maintain their privacy we have been working since quiet a while and we present ourselves with Leomaster which presents its users with an amazing privacy application in their phones which they have been using.


We have worked all our sweats out to create such a boon for the entire smart phone using population in the world. Leomaster has served to be a boon for the gadgets as it sets your privacy settings according to your need. It took us a lot of time to create such a break in the world of applications. Leomaster is literally proving to be a benefaction for our entire smart phone using population around the world. Privacy being our first concern was the most important criteria for developing an application like Leomaster. We definitely feel very proud to announce the launch of our excellent application Leomaster which is available for our entire smart phone family across the globe.

wifi security

Our Services:

Privacy being the first concern of every smart phone user urged us to create and develop such a windfall in this world of technology and we feel very much proud of the fact that we are very much successful to launch our innovation in the smart phone application market. Leomaster provides its users with many advantages which are as follows:

  1. Leomaster provides you with an application of providing its users with the privacy and security they have been looking for. Since we are very much confident on the privacy terms which Leomaster has been providing its users with, we also affirm the fact they won’t face problem regarding the privacy and security of their mobile phones. As with Leomaster phone is fully secured.
  2. Our developers and creative team has managed to create such a boon for your smart phone that making your things a private and secured matter won’t be a troublesome issue for you now. Our technicians have been working so hard to develop such a creative application for its users that they are very confident of its easy and accessible use that every one can easily access it on their smart phone and nobody could indulge in their privacy.

Leomaster is a boon which has been developed at your convenience to provide you the best of our services in your mobile phones to protect you from your security hackers or privacy intruders. We bring you an opportunity to secure your mobile phones from such hackers and stick to your privacy for life with Leomaster in your mobile phones. Try Leomaster for once and we assure you that you won’t be disappointed. For more apps information visit here


Handling Kids the Simple Way Using An iPhone monitoring app

Teenagers are the most vocal and most ardent users of iPhones. The release of the latest iPhone 6 and 6 Plus was indeed big news for all the young iPhone fans last year and they went absolutely bonkers over this smartphone. This extra attachment of teenagers with their iPhone is a cause of severe concern for the parents and they feel as if they are losing control of their kids. Using an iPhone monitoring app, all the worries of kids will be removed once they get to monitor all the activities of their kids with ease.

iPhone monitoring app

An App Worth Using:

A pretty potent iPhone monitoring app to monitor all the activities of your kids is Xnspy. This app is simply amazing as it works covertly in the back of your kid’s cell phone and no one even gets to know that they are being monitored. Taking simply five minutes to get installed inside the phone of your kids, Xnspy does not even affect any feature inside their phone. This app offers its users with an excellent customer support service. A talented and up-to-date support staff makes sure that all issues of customers are resolved in the simplest of ways.

Compatible Handsets:

Latest iPhone models running on iOS 6.0 and higher than that are perfectly suitable for this app. This includes iPhone models as latest as iPhone 6 and even iPhone 6 Plus. Get started with Xnspy by signing-up for an account with them. Then download this app inside the phone of your kid. Use your User ID and Password to gain complete access to your child’s entire phone data.

Basic Features:

Complete SMS messages records of teenagers as well as all the text messages sent and received by them via imessage are shown to parents by Xnspy. Even all pictures and videos shared by kids through imessage are provided to parents. Parents may even view all the audio files, video files and pictures that are stored inside the phone of their children.

GPS location and Call logs:

If you wish to know exactly where your kid is at any particular moment, try using the Geo Location feature of this amazing app. This feature works with the help of the GPS navigator inside your child’s iPhone and it updates you about their location as and when you wish to know about it. You may even use Xnspy to view all call logs of your kids. These records are provided to you along with the date and time of each call as well as the date the call was made.

Keeping Tabs On Kids:

The nature of a teenager is such that they don’t understand the limits of anything. Using an iPhone is perfectly fine. The problem starts when they start abusing its use. Over usage of a smartphone creates health issues for teenagers which is not liked one single bit by the parents. An iPhone monitoring app Xnspy can be a great support for parents in controlling the over-texting habit of their kids.