Rainbow Six Siege – Tips to improve the attack


If you want to do well in rainbow six game, then this article is for you. In this article we are going to share some tips which will improve the attack in Rainbow Six game. Click here for Rb6 hacks.

Choose the right operator

Everyone has their favorite operators. It is a lot of fun to knock down enemies with Buck’s skeleton key or tear them apart with Fuze’s cluster load. But different maps and game modes require varied approaches. If you try to apply that “kill them all” mentality, your team will lose very fast. Visit this site for Rb6 hacks.

Instead, try to choose your Operator based on the terrain of the map. If you are attacking in a place with many narrow aisles, maybe Blackbeard’s rifle shields could come in handy. On the contrary, the Lion’s EE-ONE-D remote control aircraft can help get defenders out of the maps with many places to hide. The choice of your Operator is your first tactical decision in a game, so do it wisely.

And hide your drone

The Lion’s EE-ONE-D Drone may be one of the most sophisticated gadgets in the game, but it’s not the only one. Once the game begins, all Attackers handle humble small RC drones while the defenders reinforce their position. The attackers have forty-five seconds to find the location of their enemies, to prevent them from being detected at the beginning of the round.

Some attacking players panic and try to find the defenders as random as possible. However, you should try to preserve your drone as long as possible by hiding it near the end of the preparation phase. Having the extra pair of eyes can be useful for marking hidden opponents and disorienting them during tense moments. Even if you don’t find the Defenders, prioritize hiding and preserving your drone as long as possible.

Learn the maps

Of course, it would be much easier to find the Defenders if you were already familiar with the map. After all, there are a limited number of places where Defenders and the Objective may appear during a game. Therefore, knowing the map means knowing where the best hiding places are.

There are tons of videos on the Internet that allow you to virtually browse the R6 maps. You can even start a private game (either with friends or on your own) and learn the situation on the ground for yourself. If this method is too slow for you, Ubisoft provides multiple schematics of all maps on the official Rainbow Six Seige website. In the end, an Operator is as good as a player is able to meet him.

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