6 Wireless Ways that connects you with overseas friends


Wireless technology has a great impact on people when it comes to making a strong bond with your faraway relatives and friends. There are many wireless technologies that have been introduced to the market and how they are impacting human life in daily life. In this blog, some technologies have been discussed that will help you to stay connected with your faraway family members.

With the introduction of this technology, phone calls seems holding no more importance in staying connected and making strong bond with your faraway beloved ones. There are number of video chat services and free apps that makes your relationship stronger with your faraway family. So, here are 6 wireless ways that makes your connection strong enough with your faraway beloved ones.

6 Wireless Ways that connects you with overseas friends

  1. Skylight frames

One of the best technologies for those who always ask for photos of you. This Wi-Fi connected photo frame allows you to share your best moments pictures with your long distance beloved ones onto their frame. Skylight Frame is an elegant technology that helps you upload photos remotely. Unlike other digital frames, it has auto-rotates, and auto-resizes with one touch feature to delete or freeze the best photo on the frame. Certainly, it is a perfect device to share your photos with friends at lower cost.

  1. Logi Circle

This technology is perfect for those who don’t want to miss out any action happened in their house. Logitech circle is one best solution that allows you to peek in at what’s going on at your place. With bird’s eye view, you can see all what’s new taking place at your home and moreover, you can also talk to your beloved ones since it is two-way communication system. It keeps an eye on your children’s activities and also halt some activities, which you don’t want your children to perform in your absence by setting an alert on the gadget.

  1. The Egg

One of the best ways to keep your photos, videos and any music files safe and secure is through the Egg. It is a portable and storage device to store, share and secure your important files, including your movie and music collection of your phone. By connecting your phone with this gadget, you can easily share your files on the gadget. It is an ideal device for those who have a bundle of files saved on their phones and don’t want to lose by deleting to get some space on the mobile device.

  1. Bloom

A device that is especially designed for aging parents as it provides a screen and a wristband to stay connected with your aging parents. A screen that displays shared images, and provides video streaming services to the user to chat and message with the help of screen and band. A wristband, or a wearable device is used to allow user (aging parent) to get an access to photos, and videos and video calls. This wristband indicates when any new message or any images are uploaded through its app. Moreover, this wristband also acts as medical alert system and activity tracker in order to keep a track of your elderly parent’s medical issues and health hazards.

  1. Bevy

In order to share your memorable moments with your beloved ones from anywhere and at anytime, Bevy is a device through which you can share without hassle. It is quite sorted, simple and easy to use device, all you need to share your photos with your friends through apps from any part of the world. No username, or password is required to use this device, which makes it simply easy to use for all ages. A cherry on the cake is that the master copy of your photo collection will always remain in possession. This is a great way to stay connected with your family members and beloved ones.

  1. Every Story

Now capture your photo with an exclusive audio recording message. EveryStory is a an app through which you can capture, share, and share your stories behind your images. All you have to upload the photos and tap the record button and describe the story behind the photo. Audio recording will make your photos come alive. You can also share old photos and videos with your audio recording message with your friends and family.

Over to you..

The aforementioned wireless technologies have made world a smaller place to connect with your long distance friends and family members. Nowadays, phone calling is getting killed by the great evolution of wireless ways, since people are using these latest wireless technologies to stay connected with their overseas friends. The technology has really come long way that you can easily connect with your faraway friends by tapping on your phone screen. So will you be using this wireless technology world? Will you make your bond stronger with the wireless technology.

Don’t know whether you want to try them or not, but stay connected with your faraway family and friends with the best way of communication.

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