Bitdefender software for various platforms


Good security is needed on all platforms where the Internet is used. This best suits the personal computer as well as the mobile phones. Using the internet with your mobile phone has become more and more common, as this considered as the most compact way to search online. But the most unfortunate factor is many people who are using the internet are unaware of security aspects that may affect their experience. This is because there are several ways through which hackers or illegal users can gain access to the data contained in a device.Hence it comes down to every user to protect their device from hackers.

Antivirus software for PC

Antivirus software for PC enjoys a long history and is many different products can be found on the internet. There are several brands which enjoy a good reputation, and can be used for protecting the computer from worms, viruses and other malware which can end up on yoursystem just by using the internet. Even though there are many options for all pockets, Bitdefender Antivirus famously produces some of the best antivirus solutions out there.Bitdefender software is also quite easy to use as many reviews and tutorials for their products can be found online (they also offer tech support for people who need help installing their software). Their website offers a lot of insight into both the installation process and the various virus detection proceduresthat the programs use when running on your system.

Bitdefender Clueful for iOS

This is web based software which can tell you how other apps use your personal information. Clueful is also available for Android. One of the most astonishing tings that a lot of people don’t realize is that a mobile app can learn many things about you and your habits strictly by looking inside your phone. It can read your address book, it can also track your business calendar, it can help in tracking your location, it can also drain your battery while doing all of this. Many apps can easily do an overall analysis of your online activities and personal data. Moreover using intrusive apps can create security vulnerabilities that are not readily noticeable for the inexperienced user. But by using the Bitdefender Clueful for iOS one can easily track what their apps are doing with their device. And obviously this is very important to ensuring the overall privacy of your personal data. In this case, using Cluefulfor iOS is similar to running an antivirus software of sorts. In case of any difficulty, their online support team can be pinged as well. They are ready to help in solving out any technical problems and will ensure the security of your data free of any charge.

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