Brands cannot ignore the significance of YouTube


May it be a big brand or a product launched by small start-up, social media marketing offers equal opportunity for everyone these days. Along with viewers, even advertisers have shifted from television to video sharing sites like YouTube. However, believe it or not, there are some brands who fail to understand the significance of video sharing sites for marketing. They still do not have their brand’s YouTube channel.

Why are some brands ignoring YouTube?

Digital marketing was one of the hottest topics during this year’s South by Southwest Interactive. Discussion about importance of YouTube brought the limelight back on the importance of video sharing sites for brands.

Brands like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Burberry are going all out in order to reach millennials and are early adapters of apps when it comes to luxury brands.

Luxury brands still hesitate to go with digital marketing and YouTube campaigns. Some of them are working with Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, but overall, most of the brands still remain slower to adapt to digital according to experts.

New York based digital marketing firm LaMercatique’s Chief Executive Officer-Gregory Pouy-recently interacted with journalists during the above-mentioned event. He pointed out that these days, several brands are attracted towards Snapchat and they believe that video and image sharing app is most preferred site by millennials. Gregory Pouy also believes that these brands are running in the wrong direction as YouTube is the most preferred place by millennials compared to other apps or sites.

Surprisingly, there are some big brands that do not even have their own YouTube channel, but are campaigning on Snapchat and Facebook. Such brands fail to understand the importance of YouTube and its significance in Search Engine Optimization. It also helps in reaching people when they search for information about any product.

Compelling content creation for Snapchat and Instagram

There is other side to the story as well. New York based communication agency Havas Luxe’s president and Founder-Thomas Serrano-spoke during the event. He pointed out that the story which certain brands wish to tell is just few seconds long, and this is the reason they prefer Snapchat over YouTube.

While sharing his experience, Thomas Serrano pointed out that there are some companies that have more complex stories to tell and the same cannot be told on Snapchat. Eight seconds won’t be enough for them. According to him, those on Snapchat and Instagram are also benefiting. Somehow, the content created for Instagram turns out to be more interesting and this is helping brands to leave their impact with compelling content.

Instagram is a virtual reality channel that offers real-life shop like experience to users. People feel as if they are really part of the event or are at the store. Perhaps, this is the reason; brands are getting their products ready to be photographed for Instagram before making them available for sale.

“Let me check if this would look perfect on Instagram.” This is what most of the photographers think while photographing something according to Pouy. The image sharing site has become even more important than magazines.

Even executives from luxury brands had the opportunity to explain their side of the story during the event.

Giorgio Armani’s former VP for development and business marketing-Judy Bassaly-also interacted with people during this event. She pointed out that brands are putting a lot of effort and budgets for such digital campaigns these days. Brands are spending a lot of money in amplifying the noise.

Bassaly preferred to go with Facebook and stressed on the point that in order to send the message across to the right audiences, brands need the tool to target specific groups. Facebook helps brands to do just that.

Currently, on an average, YouTube is the second most visited site in most of the countries around the world. It records nearly two billion visitors every day. This is the reason, even content creators and filmmakers prefer to release their movies on the video sharing site instead of television. Brands can get better SEO rankings by simply starting their YouTube channel and uploading ads. They can also target audiences using advertising tools offered by Google. During the initial period, when the channel is not so popular among users, companies or brands can also easily buy youtube subscribers at affordable rate.

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