Easy Guide to Help You Choose betweenShark vs Roomba


The range of robot vacuums available that differ in price, budget, and feature complexity is incredible. There are too many brands you can compare, but here we are only going to discuss the two most trending options, the Shark ION Robot, and the iRobot. Explore our guide to the top trending shark vs Roomba and easily make the ultimate choice.

General Comparisons—Features That Stand Out

Roomba has a strong reputation in the production of high-quality and premium robot vacuums. Their long-standing reputation and industry experience sets them apart from the rest. Shark is still a reputable robot manufacturer, but they only manufacture simple design robot vacuums.


  • Comes with a single rotating brush roll
  • Includes two side brushes each on every side, which helps clean the debris into the suction path.
  • Shark robot vacuums give better suction.
  • Operates way quieter
  • It works well with boundary tape to prevent restricted areas
  • Most shark models come with adjustable power settings.


  • It includes two primary rotating brush rolls
  • Comes with one sidebrush to allow for easy sweeping of debris into the path of the suction
  • The Roombas work wireless beacons to allow for efficient vacuuming in restricted areas
  • Offers superior models that offera better navigation
  • They offer world-class customer support

The Differences and Similarities

  • Shark is widely known for offering the most cost-friendly vacuums. Here is all you should know about Roomba and shark ion robots.
  • The Roomba vacuums are way heavier and bigger. Bigger vacuums clean more efficiently, while lighter robots allow for efficient handling.
  • The shark vacuums include a larger variety of brushes, angles, and walls.
  • The shark’s filters have a HEPA rating, meaning they boast high efficiency and reliability. Some Roomba models have HEPA rating, too, meaning they can efficiently filter microns as small as 0.3.
  • The more updated versions of both brands adopt the latest technologies that include but not limited to smart sensor navigation with some models from Roomba featuring things like iAdapt.
  • The shark Ion vacuums that charge within less time compared to the Roomba. As for the Roombas, they have more powerful batteries, which take longer to charge but will last longer. The Roombas are the perfect choices for bigger houses since they allow you to efficiently clean a whole house without needing to charge it every now and then.
  • The Roomba models indicate when the dustbin is full so you can empty it out, which is not common with the shark ion models.
  • Both units use smart technology to enable easy remote scheduling and cleaning.

IRobot and shark are well-known industry pioneers reputed for creating the smartest and most powerful pet hair vacuum cleaners. Do your research to discover the perfect choices for you, depending on your personal budget and preferences.

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