Excellent Features Of Legacy Cinema Innovation HDA -77


If you love to live large, you will enjoy unmatched theater experience at you are home with the LED projectors that this place has on offer. These projectors are the best option due to they are comfortable, the travel friendly and all they are require to function is to be attached to the USB media player. There are lots of exciting features that one will get in the Legacy Cinema Innovation range of the projectors, includes the FM radio tuner, portable DVD player, USB slot, boom box speakers and much more.

A projector is electronic optical device that projects picture onto the surface for advantages of normal viewing with changeable projection sizes & settings depending on projection surface. Earlier, the slide projectors specialize in projecting details that is contained in the small transparent slide. Now, among steady evolution of the optical technology and their importance in the field entertainment and media, these slide projectors of yesteryears have been replaced with the modern and technologically advanced and latest digital projectors.

These type of the digital projectors are capable of projecting any type of the digital information that one will view on the computer with a new wave of the pocket projectors that are specially made to work with mobile phones and much more.

Normally, the Legacy Cinema Innovation HDA -77 projectors comes for the resolution of 1920 x 1080 procession solution. The brightness ranges from 4500 ANSI lumens and contrast ratio up to 40000:1. The LED lamp is approximately offers the performance minimum twenty thousand hours. The signal compatibilities like HDMI, VGA, TV, audio input, Y or PB or BR and video. The maximum resolution is available up to the range of 1920 x 1080 pixels. This is comes for the specifications of 3D compatible, keystone control and complete 1080p compatible and 1 chip is present in one inches. The aspect ratio is present in the ratio of 16:9 and 4:3. The LED lamp is used for this home theater projector. The total screen home theater uniformity is 95%. The accessories and special things are includes HDMI cable, 3D glass, ceiling mounted and much more. This premium definition projector is comfortable to use for professional and home use.

Exciting Features Of Legacy Cinema Innovation HDA -77:

If you want to know features and performance range of Legacy Cinema Innovation HDA -77, here the clear description about the features are listed below. This projector package includes remote control with one battery, VGB cable, lens, start card, warranty card, user manual and much more. 3D glasses, HDMI cable and ceiling mount is also included for this projector.

  • Full rotation mode and OSD function
  • 180 degree flip rotation and built in NTSC TV tuner
  • DVD, 3D, HD and game console compatible
  • Advanced digital picture in picture
  • Intelligent and excellence dual speaker system
  • Pin code link, no show user logo and freeze
  • Wireless IR remote control and intuitive user interface
  • The projector is fully portable
  • Reduced expensive bulb replacement and Eliminate fan noise
  • 18 times longer bulb life than the LCD lamp
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