Five Ways PC Gaming Beats Console Gaming


Whether you’re a PC gamer currently or are hoping to get into it, you’re probably well aware that PC gamers feel that their preferred gaming platform is far superior to consoles.

Console gaming does have its benefits. It’s generally more accessible. All you have to do is go to the store, buy the console, and then plug it in when you get home. There’s hardly ever any troubleshooting to be done. It’s also generally easier to play with friends since there are standards and party systems in place.

The problem is, the advantages of PC gaming far outweigh the benefits of gaming on a console.

PC Gaming

Here are five reasons that’s true.


No one can argue that the true purpose of games to the end user is to deliver an enjoyable experience. However, technology is changing at an ever-quickening pace, and consoles just can’t keep up. They’re not designed for it. Current PC components are far more powerful, and that means that you’re going to be able to play your games at a much higher level of visual fidelity. This includes higher framerates and more advanced graphical effects.


Going hand in hand with power, the highest resolution modern game consoles can push out is 1080p. Even today, the latest gaming consoles are having a hard time pushing out games at native 1080p. Many games are running at up-scaled 720p and 900p resolutions in order to keep the frame rate high enough to be playable. The latest game consoles are only a couple of years old and aren’t going to be updated for a few more years. In the meantime, PC gamers can enjoy resolutions much higher than 1080p.

With 2K and 4K monitors gradually coming down in price, many gamers want to see their games in much higher visual clarity. Console gamers will probably have to wait a few years, but you can have this right now if you want.


Console gamers are stuck with whatever components were originally installed in their console. The previous console generation lasted about eight years, which is a lifetime for technology.

Console gamers who are dissatisfied with the output resolution, speed, or stability of their console have absolutely no control.

In contrast, PC gamers can upgrade whatever component they need in order to get the experience they want. Did you just buy a 4K monitor? Upgrade your graphics card and you can enjoy the highest resolution available. Did you purchase a 7.1 surround sound system? All you have to do is upgrade your audio card and you can enjoy the best sound available.


Console gamers are stuck with the dashboard interface and applications that the manufacturer has decided upon for them.

On a PC, if you’d prefer a different look and feel, you can easily modify it yourself. If you’re not satisfied with your internet browser, you can install a new one. If you don’t like the look of your home screen, you can install any of the hundreds of PC tweaks that can enhance your user experience.

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