Fleet Tracking Systems: Good For Your Bottom Line & The Environment


There are many trucking companies that are struggling to make ends meet right now. Between the huge capital requirements to get started and the environmental regulations in many states, it is hard for many companies to even break even. However, there are several new areas of technology in this industry that may be able to help trucking companies turn the corner. One of the most promising of these technologies is fleet tracking systems. There are several benefits to trucking companies having fleet tracking systems. Not only will they increase the bottom line of many trucking companies, but they will also benefit the environment. Here are several ways that fleet tracking systems can help your company.

Fleet Tracking Systems

Lower Fuel Costs

One of the biggest expenses for many trucking companies is fuel related expenses. This technology can help in this area by allowing companies to track their typical fleet routes and make adjustments when necessary. For many companies, there is a lot of room to improve in their daily routes that they send truckers on. Having a good program to track these movements is a great first step to making lasting changes in the way that your trucking company operates. If a trucking company can reduce fuel costs by five or ten percent, this can go a long way in making them profitable over the long run.

Better On Time Percentage

One of the most important metrics that any trucking company must go after is the one time percentage. This is the number one metric that will influence whether a company will continue to get business from new clients. No company wants to let trucking company haul freight if it does not get there on time. There are many different costs associated with late freight delivery. A fleet tracking system can increase the on time percentage in several ways. First of all, trucking company can work proactively to solve problems even before they are reported. They know every step of the way whether or not a load is going to be late or not. By using this technology, trucking companies can improve their own time percentage and chance for new business.

Environmental Positives

One of the biggest issues that many trucking companies face today is the fact that the fuel used can be damaging to the environment. Many trucking companies are facing a public relations issue with customers simply because they are letting off a lot of damage to the local environment. A fleet tracking system can help with this issue in several ways. First of all, any trucking company that uses this system has seen a reduction in their total fuel usage and costs. Lower fuel usage means that there will be a lower impact on the environment as a whole. At the end of the day, trucking is never going to be a business that is considered green. However, trucking companies can do all they can to reduce their environmental impact.

Fleet Tracking Companies

The good news for trucking companies is that there are plenty of fleet tracking companies and products to choose from. One of the most highly rated of these is FieldLogix. They have been able to help many trucking companies with tracking their fleets and has added a lot of value overall to the industry. If you are going to purchase a product or service from a company in this area, be sure to choose one that has a good reputation in the trucking industry. The business environment right now is too competitive to make an investment that does not pay off financially over the long term.

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