Getting to know the Polygraph Test


Why do people use lie detector tests? Is it because they are trying to catch a bad guy like in those action movies where they force a suspect to undergo a lie detector test? Or maybe it’s because you are accusing your partner of cheating and you want to prove that you are right and he/she is wrong? maybe you are also facing a lot of family issues due to one of them lying a lot about petty things which caused chaos in your whole family. Whatever the case is, lie detectors tests surely come in handy when problems like these arises.

Lie detector tests have been around for so many years and the most common type of lie detector test being used today is called a polygraph test. This is the type of test that is used all the time because it’s easy to use and you can get the results in no time which is perfect if you are trying to catch a deadline or if you just can’t go to sleep without knowing what the truth is. if you are interested in having this test taken by someone you know due to the many reasons that is being mentioned above, then a polygraph test is the perfect method.

Using a polygraph test to get the results right away

If you’re the type of person who has zero patience especially when it comes to very important things such as a lie detector test result, then using the polygraph test is the smartest way. After the person has taken the test, the examiner will just analyze the answer and you’ll be able to have the results on your hands. No more waiting for days in order for you to know the truth. This is also the reason why even law enforcement would choose this; they have no time in dealing with nonsense.

How does a Polygraph Test go?

The examiner will ready the machine and will connect the sensors on the subject’s finger tips and body. The examiner will then be asking some questions which will then be used to develop diagnostic questions. After that, he/she will be asking some questions where the subject will lie to know that the machine have detected that the subject really did lie. After that, irrelevant questions will be thrown in, then the diagnostic questions, and lastly the relevant questions. These questions are not in order and may be alternately asked. The subject passed the test if their physiological response to the diagnostic questions are larger than the relevant questions.

The many speculations about the Polygraph Test

Even if it is considered as 90% accurate, there still insufficient evidence to really show that it is accurate; which is why people are sometimes being unfairly prosecuted due to “failing” the test. Sometimes a person who undergoes a polygraph test may be too nervous which would show inconclusive results or this may fail them too. there is simply no consensus that the polygraph test is an efficient tool.

Even after it’s widespread fame which led people and even officials to use it, you cannot avoid that there is something wrong with it especially if a person who is innocent have been called guilty due to its results. If you want to know more about this, jus visit and you’ll learn a lot about it.

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