How does the Blue Coat malware analysis appliance work?


In the present era, almost every single business industry and most individuals are dependent on the internet and the technology. They use computers and other such electronic appliances that help in storing data and manage their vital information. However, along with the ease, convenience, and benefits, comes the threat of thevirus.

With more and more applications to support your data and vital information, more viruses and malware are being introduced with every passing day. The trend and character of malware have changed to a great extent. Malware or viruses have been common for almost any computer appliance. It seriously damages and disrupts business and data storage. Hence, it is a must that the malware is analysed well, and the right support or protection from the malware is ensured.

How to do that?

As the trend and character of the malware, systems have changed, more and more malware systems are being designed and coded that are quite difficult to identify, analyse and prevent. These malware systems are called the next generation malware systems. To analyse these next generation malware systems, regular and common anti-virus systems are not enough. It needs the next generation malware analysis system such as Blue Coat.

Why Blue Coat?

When you think of using these next generation malware system analytics and sandboxing system, it is a must that you understand the nature and behaviour of the next generation malware systems.

  • They can evade detection
  • Usually, these malware systems are designed for a specific purpose for a targeted framework
  • These malware systems lay low and sometimes ‘’
  • They wait for the right time for exposing
  • They cannot be identified or blocked by the traditional tools for blocking malware.

The Blue Coat analysis malware detection and security appliance ensure that these next generation malware systems can be identified. These malware systems cannot escape these sandboxing systems and malware protection appliances.

How does it work?

This malware detection appliance resembles a real-time computing appliance, and the malware systems run on these, instead of the original appliance. It mistakes and thinks that these appliances are the real machine and are thus tricked.

The appliance mimics the user activities, the installations, and downloads so that the malware can think that it is running on a real machine. The system helps the users to prioritize the malware detection. Thus, the potential threats can be optimized and managed in the best possible manner.


The type and behaviour of malware havechanged, and so has the protection or security systems. Usual antivirus systems cannot prevent the malware systems completely and thus, your vital data and business are always at risk. To eliminate the threat and ensure complete protection, these appliances are very useful. All that the user has to do is, configure the malware analysis appliance. This will help you to make use of the platform and run it along with the computing machine or device. These are just a few simple steps that will require you to create an API key and it will be set for the use.

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