How Hughesnet Satellite Internet Technology Connects Rural Communities


HughesNet is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious company when it comes to satellite internet services. They are (very rightly so) considered as the pioneer of this service.  They have been in the business for more than 31 years now, and according to some reports, they have sold more than 1.5 million connections or satellite systems to clients all round the globe.

Satellite Internet – How Does It Work?

Satellite connection, instead of sending the signals through a telephone line or cable or DSL modem, the signals are transmitted through a satellite, which is orbiting outside the earth`s sphere in the space. The sender sends the signal through a satellite dish which is received by the satellite in space, that passes the signal to the receiver satellite dish. The PC sending the signal requires to have a satellite modem installed as well, which is not much different from a normal LAN or WIFI card.

Hughesnet – Advantages Of Their Satellite Internet Service

  • HughesNet is offering the internet speed more than any other satellite internet service provider. Their average speed is 5 Mbps, which is almost 50 times greater than a 56k Dial-up connection. Other popular companies, such as, Skyway and WildBlue offer speeds of 1.5Mbps only, that makes HughesNet the fastest of them all.
  • HughesNet offers their lowest plan of 1 Mbps at very cheap and affordable rates so that even small businesses and individuals can afford this connection. Using satellite internet is mandatory for people living in rural areas, where there is no DSL or cable internet. Hence, these affordable plans of HughesNet provide immense benefits for a normal internet user. The lowest plan of HughesNet only costs 39.99$ per month for first 3 months, and 59.99$ per month after that.
  • Security – All of the HughesNet plans come with anti-virus and anti-spyware pre-installed which makes these connections very reliable and secure to use. Specialized firewalls  are also used in these connections to protect the network from any unauthorized access.
  • Free Installation – HughesNet offer free-of-charge installation of equipment at your location. Their professionals visit your location and make all the necessary arrangements to ensure everything is running smoothly. In addition, they offer various options, which allow you to either buy or lease the equipment.
  • 24/7 Customer Support – HughesNet perhaps has the most technically sound and efficient customer service. Their customer support people can solve the issues almost instantly. Their telephone and email customer support is there to solve your issues 24/7, 7 days a week, which make it a very viable and efficient choice for many.
  • All their equipments come with a  2 year warranty, so in case the satellite dish or modem gets faulted, you won’t have to pay anything. The company will simply replace the device once you inform them about the faulty device.
  • Wide Reach – Their service is available almost everywhere in the US. According to some reports, almost 99% of US can get an internet connection through this satellite internet service provider.

HughesNet has been in the business for so long that they are now considered as an authority in the industry. The benefits they provide to consumers living in rural areas are immense and everyone living in rural areas should definitely make the most of this amazing service.

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