How to choose video surveillance software system


With the advancement in software, security surveillance has been revolutionized. Every video surveillance software system comes with its own specifications meaning that the use also differs.

Also, selecting the one that suits you depends on factors such as the size, location, the number of entry points and probably layout. Before you pay for the system, you have to understand your needs right from the onset.

Here is how to choose the right video surveillance solution for your property;


How flexible is the system? An ideal video surveillance solution is one that allows you to use the existing equipment. The functionality and compatibility of video surveillance software make it the perfect option for security today. It allows you to connect the IP cameras to a network and monitor everything from a distance in real-time.

Number of Cameras Needed

The size and layout of your space play a significant role when determining the how many cameras to erect. A user who needs a wider view like in multiple rooms may require more than one camera to serve his purpose. Be sure the camera can ‘see’ all the loopholes.

Audio Support

Audio is an important consideration in video surveillance. The user can easily detect a threat to security when it surpasses a certain level. Besides, it is possible to speak with the person so as to ascertain if they are malicious.

Do You Need Visual Or Discreet Cameras?

Again, your goal is to know the purpose of the camera. In scenarios where the camera serves to remind people that they are being monitored so as to avoid questionable behavior, the camera can be visible. Box cameras serve the purpose best. If the user does not the target to know you are spying on them, then the camera needs to be discreet. A dome camera works best here.

Lighting in the Surrounding

On most occasions, break-ins happen at night in poorly lit or completely dark facilities. If your goal is to use video surveillance software in such conditions, you might need to consider infrared (IR) camera system. The cameras have the power to view and record in complete darkness. So when purchasing your video surveillance software system, ensure that you as for low “lux” cameras for that purpose.


The place of use of cameras is of great importance here. For outdoor cameras in cold environment, a user needs a camera that is durable and with inbuilt heating. Transport vicinity might demand a camera that can stand harsh conditions of high pitched vibrations.

The Clarity and Details Required

Video surveillance software works best with IP cameras because they allow for a wider view and record high definition videos. When zooming in case something is detected, the image should not be uncompromised to capture finer details.

Shopping for video surveillance software doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Let the things above serve as your checklist.

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