How to Make Lead Generation with LinkedIn


With Website Demographics, making lead generation with LinkedIn is simple. Here is everything you can find out…

Lead generation with LinkedIn? It can be done! I borrow this exclamation that reminds me so much of you’ve certainly seen it. To talk to you about how you can do lead generation with social media par excellence of managers, freelancers and professionals looking for new business opportunities.

If you are a LinkedIn user, there is no need to explain how this social media can be useful at a professional level. We talked about it other times: LinkedIn can help you find new customers because it can help you:

  • Branding
  • Increase digital reputation
  • Take lead nurturing actions

Hence to generate new qualified contacts, ie leads, the step is not so short. In fact, an occasional and superficial use of this social media is unlikely to improve your lead generation strategy.

Just let your visitors (and you too, of course) have a LinkedIn profile.

Lead generation with LinkedIn means taking advantage of new features made available by this social network like LinkedIn Website Demographics. In the US version of the social media owned by Microsoft the service is already active (and free for Marketing Solutions users) while the release for the Italian version should be available in a few days.

But why could it be useful to take advantage of LinkedIn Website Demographics? Because this tool lets you know what kind of professionals have visited your site.

That’s right: the idea is simple but effective. And I don’t need to tell you how important it is to know as many things as possible about your job position, age and much more about who visits your site because you know that this is the basis of lead generation. All you need to find your target.

Specifically, this new tool allows you to filter your audience based on 8 different professional categories, including:

  1. Job title
  2. Commodity sector
  3. Work seniority
  4. Company function
  5. Company
  6. Company size
  7. Place
  8. Country

In short, LinkedIn Website Demographic represents a real professional X-ray of the people who visit your site and who can become your qualified contacts.

Useful indications to know if you are hitting your target or you are talking to a different audience and therefore more difficult to convert into leads.

How LinkedIn Website Demographics works

The operation is similar to that of Google Analytics. LinkedIn Website Demographics is a web tracking system. Just enter the Demographics line of code in all the web pages you want to track, to allow this tool to associate visitor data with those of profiles on LinkedIn.

A useful tool for those who do B2B and more

If Facebook, up until now, has represented the social network par excellence to do lead generation both for its diffusion and for its insights and analysis tools, with Website Demographics LinkedIn it does a different operation, but ideal especially for those businesses in the field B2B.

Not that this tool cannot be useful even for companies operating in B2C, but it is certainly in the business to business that can offer the best.

Personally, I am convinced that Website Demographics is not an alternative to Google Analytics or Facebook for Business but rather a complete tool that, if used together with the other two, can really provide us with important information on our ideal target, avoiding wasting time and money unnecessarily.

Cross-referencing Facebook, LinkedIn and Google data is a really interesting solution to know (and therefore achieve) your ideal target. And as you know, the power of lead generation starts right there, from your ideal audience.

Ah, one last thing: Demographics provides all the data anonymously, that is, without the names and surnames of those who visited your site, for reasons of privacy. But to identify your ideal target, this is not a problem.

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