Improving Old Content to Generate Traffic for Your Business Website


The quality of your website content can make or break your search engine rankings. If you have old, substandard content on your site, then search engines like Google will rank you lower on their search engine results pages. To improve your ranking, you don’t necessarily need to add new content, but you can improve on what you have archived on your website.

Turning Old into New

While good website content can take many forms, such as blog posts, articles, videos, audio files, or images, it would be difficult to revise some of these forms and make them better. However, you can easily take old blog posts or articles and edit them so they contain fresh information and become more valuable to your site. There are several ways to improve old blog posts or articles to add value and draw more traffic.

Revise for Quality

You can mine old articles and blog posts by reviewing them and looking for information that can be updated or something that is still relevant to your business today. When you find content worth revising, you can rewrite it to improve the quality and add more data to it. Where a 500-word blog post or article used to be the standard, it is okay to make a good quality post or article much longer. Once it is revised and reposted, post links to it through your social media accounts to draw attention to the improved content.

Merge Posts

If you have several short posts on the same topic, consider merging them to create one post. Edit the content so it is not repetitive, add new information if applicable, and make sure the content flows well together. In addition, add information to the old posts so they are redirected to the new post you created from merging them.

Generate traffic

Redirect to New Post

If you have older posts on your site that are of lower quality than a new post on the same topic, remove the old post or article from your website and redirect the old URL to the new post. By using a redirect, you are helping to preserve any value there is to any incoming links that still exist in cyberspace.

Delete Bad Information

After reviewing your posts, you should delete those that do not have any value or do not generate any traffic to your site instead of allowing them to linger. They could be hurting your search engine rankings because they have no value, and deleting them will not have any adverse consequences.

There are web tools online that will scan the history of your blog posts or articles to determine how much traffic, if any, they generate. An SEO company in Dubai can find and use one of these tools to help determine which posts have value for your site. Don’t keep any posts or articles that have the potential to drag down your search engine rankings, as that makes it harder for searchers to find your website and purchase your products or services.

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