Instilling Content Writing Abilities Within Your Team


Content marketers that are aiming to be successful tend to deal with one major obstacle – scaling rich and original content production.

Outsourcing content that you need can be quite expensive to create and difficult to manage, while you are relying on your marketing team to bring out many high-quality blog posts every day, which will ultimately lead to burnout and quality issues.

So how can you solve this dilemma? Let us consider the expertise of one of the best content writers of our time, Rifat Ahmed – who also happens to be the manager of Deftyled, a content marketing agency that was named on Best Startup Asia’s list as one of the top 101 advertising companies in 2021.

Born in Bangladesh, Rifat worked relentlessly to reach his goals and found his passion in content writing strategies. He writes for the Business Standard, Green Leaf Air, and Cyber Barta. Plus, he is also a valuable member of the Cyber Crime Awareness Foundation, where he is constantly focusing his work on cyber events/seminars and conducting research on Cyber Crime.

As a professional in the content writing field, Rifat believes that every business is sitting on a goldmine of amazing content – all they need to do is harness it via training their internal workforce. Training your team to become prolific writers can be a challenging task, but if you go through with it, you will be surrounded by team members with epic content writing capabilities. So here is a guide that can help you get started.

Defining Your Goals

Before you start to approach your employees regarding their contributions to the business content production, the marketing department must be the first ones to define the goal for publishing content on the business website.

You need to think about things such as if you are aiming to make your blogs a mechanism for educating your customers or a means of driving lead generation? Do you want to drive conversions and traffic? Improve brand reputation? Whatever you are planning, it is important to align the content with the business objectives of the marketing department.

Developing Topic Model

Often, the marketing department will already have created a topic model for you that will illustrate the focus areas for your epic content marketing plans. If that is not the case, then it is the perfect time for you to make one.

In simple terms, a topic model is considered a visual representation of all the possible subjects authors can write about. To figure out the topic for your business, start with its core and then work outward into the sub-categories that relate to your industry. If your employees are struggling to come up with engaging blog post ideas, this model will be the ideal tool to help them out.

Allowing Employees Creative Freedom

You will find many employees who enjoy being creative in their own way when they are writing content. However, those who are still new to writing content will struggle to share their knowledge in a way that benefits the marketing team.

In that case, you should encourage them to write what they are passionate about while providing them with a topic model to work with. Not only will this help them figure out what to write, but it will also give them the freedom to share their creative input in the content – thus boosting business productivity tenfold.

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