Is it Possible to Recover Damaged HD – Level of HD Issues


There is a theory that the human life cycle is as follows: You are born, grow, and spoil your computer’s hard drive, reproduce, age, and die. It is very likely that at some point in life, whether you are a technician or not, you have the misfortune of needing to recover damaged HD.

If there is a backup of the data, just take the media with the backups, replace the damaged HD and continue to operate your data normally, otherwise it will take a little more work to recover damaged HD. When the HD stops working suddenly – and that happens a lot – try switching the cables, connecting the HD to a different computer, perform the standard attempts that any lay user usually does. If none of them work, it is probably a loss of data. Here are the more and less critical issues that may have damaged your HD:

Less critical issues

Bad sectors: Occurs in situations of power surges or when the computer is turned off incorrectly. This problem really has no solution but can be circumvented: it is possible to “replace the sector” damaged by another in good working, this is because in manufacturing the HD already has damaged locations, but at the end of it there are several free blocks that are not being used.

Burned plate: It is due to some tension or similar problem. If the logic board burns, buy a new one – it will be necessary to buy an HD absolutely with the same logic board intact, done that, just replace it.

More critical issues

The HD engine does not spin: In this case the chances of you having lost your HD are great.

Beating Needle: Usually, it occurs with older HDs and is due to position error. This is one of the most serious problems that can happen.

Here, in both cases there is a rudimentary solution: the HD does not work again, but it is possible to recover the data.

If nothing solves, your problems are a little bigger than expected and you will need to resort to a data recovery service available at – Phew! But first it is important that you know the true value of your data, because most companies charge according to the amount of information that exists in HD. So be sure that the information is valuable enough and then just wait, specialist companies hardly fail to recover HD data.

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