Online Reputation Management: Paddy’s Brunch


Paddy’s Brunch is a famous brunch place in Philadelphia where online reputation management had a meeting with the owner of the joint. They were talking about how they can promote the business since they love the brunch. Online reputation management wants to acquire them as a client because one employees grew up eating brunch at this local landmark and doesn’t want it to disappear from that particular spot. This local brunch diner has been open for over thirty years and the food have been consistently on point; even more consistent than any fast food chain who focuses on consistency rather than quality. Paddy’s brunch, you get consistency and quality for under ten dollars. No other place in Philly offers such a deal. They decided to go with the proposal since they did notice a small decrease in customers at the restaurant over the past few months. There has been a lot of competition that started to emerge around the neighbourhood which has stolen customers. Most of the new places are mediocre food but they put all their money into the decoration of the restaurant to attract customers. They also supply free coffee and most americans would rather save money and go to a new place, even if the food is sub par. Online reputation management decided to take pictures and create social media profiles to attract attention to new customers. They uploaded videos of parties that occurred at Paddy’s brunch and also other videos on how the cooks work in the back. Many foodies started to get interested in Paddy’s Brunch and started to go to the restaurant to the see the commotion. The foodies started to share pictures of the food and the servers (since the people are extra friendly at the restaurant) to post on social media. Half the work was getting done for online reputation management already.

Paddy’s Brunch is a famous brunch place in Philadelphia

After a month of building their name on the net, online reputation management started to see large sums of traffic to their website and social media pages. Then they started to create dishes according to what people were suggesting. This is how they came up with the concept of creating a dish of a month from a client suggestion and if that dish sold a certain amount for the month, the client who suggested the dish gets to eat for free the following month. Online reputation management started to work on promotional material for the monthly dishes to boost sales and to maintain a competitive advantage.

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