Radiation Blocking Cell Phone Case – How To Avoid A Brain Tumor


About two-third of the entire world population are estimated to be using cell phones for text messaging, calls or surfing the internet. Cell phone radiation exposure has turned out to be a growing concern not only in the United States but the world at large. Several scientific studies have shown that exposure to cell phone radiation causes headache, cancers, forgetfulness and even infertility in men. And for this reasons, cell phone manufacturers and users have been looking for the best ways to counter the effects of these potential threat on their health.

Is cell phone radiation harmful?

Over the past few years, companies have been coming up with different products including radiation blocking cell phone case to protect and ease the concerns of some cell phone users. With these products handy, about 99% of cell phone radiation will be blocked completely. Almost every electronic devices including laptops, televisions, microwaves, vacuum cleaners and cell phones just to mention a few emit electromagnetic radiation which serves as a potential threat to healthy living lifestyle. Tests carried out in animals shows that the radio frequency created by cell phones can cause severe damage to health. And for this reason, it is very important to get a radiation blocking cell phone case to keep you protected as it attenuates the electromagnetic field

How cell phone radiation shields work?

Cell phone radiation shields are made of ceramic or other conductive materials to block radiation from entering the ear or head. You can find them in all major stores or online stores for phones of different models. Radiation blocking cell phone case is one of the most stylish way of protecting yourself from the harmful radiation produces by cell phones. It is believed that electromagnetic radiations are also a major cause of reproductive health issues in men including poor sperm viability, sperm motility and low testosterone levels. With a stylish radiation blocking cell phone case, your reproductive health will be safeguarded thus reducing the effects of cell phone radiation on you testicles by over 90%. This case will in no way reduce your signal strength as you can still send and receive messages, calls and surf internet at a go. For an improved fertility and healthy future, use cell phone radiation shields. These cases help to redirect the radiation emitting from the cell phone away from the users. All mobile phones when connected to the mobile network produce electromagnetic radiation (EMR).

Materials used in cell phone radiation shield products can be likened to those used to dissipate radar signals. The shield is designed stylishly to help disperse the radiation away from the cell phone users and the environment completely. It does not deflect it back into the environment thus mitigating the harmful effects on those nearby. This make radiation blocking cell phone case an effective shield, and environmentally safe solution, making users enjoy all the amazing features of a cell phone without having to worry about its harmful effects.

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