Reasons to Choose Magento Platform for Your E-commerce Project


Today lots of content management systems help businesses to burst and flourish, but there is undoubtedly only one leader, and it is Magento platform. You are very likely to have heard something about it, but as a rule people underestimate the necessity and benefits they can get from using world’s biggest and fastest growing open-source e-commerce platform. There is also no secret that such giant brands as Men’s Health, Samsung and Lenovo, Nike, Nestle all use Magento as a basis for their business.

Any expert in the field of e-commerce and CMS uses or plans to use Magento and its extensions for at least part of project, because this is the biggest platform that grows every day to simplify your use of it. If these facts do not sound convincing for you, then here we will discuss main reasons to choose Magento as ecommerce platform for your business. The main thing before we start that you need to keep in mind is that Magento literally dominates the market of e-commerce with around 26% share and this popularity was obviously reached not for nothing.

#1. Open Source

First and foremost, Magento Community Edition is absolutely fee-free. You can get this edition and alter it to match your business needs. If you have an expert in your company then supercharging the Magento code the e-commerce web-site with several new features will be very easy. Moreover, if power up your business with Magento extensions, you will simply be invincible on the market!

#2. Community Support

As you remember, Magento is an open source, meaning that it has a pretty large community of all over the world developers who work days and nights to make sure that the platform is up to date, secure and fast.

#3. Highly Scalable

Magento is perfect for any business size and especially for small companies who work over the town or some specific area. Special plugins and extensions can help you grow the business regardless of the kind of enhancements or e-commerce features you need. New ideas and helps are build here every day so you can always be sure that Magento will help fulfilling your needs.


#4. Flexibility

You remember about the open architecture of Magento platform; for you as a business owner it means that a pro from the platform can always help you create appealing and highly unique user experiences which will correspond to different types of access devices. Moreover, you always have a possibility to create customized back-end workflows in order to meet specific business requirements. It means that Magento helps you rule the way your e-commerce solution will look like and also govern its performance.

#5. High Performance

When you face the issue of page load speed, query processing time and any other similar performance parameters, there is no secret that Magento is a leader at this. Magento developers community offers user-friendly, effective images uploader extension for Magento which helps you upload and manage many pictures at a time meaning that you can optimize your product images and improve your website performance easily. With this smart extension you do not have to upload every single picture separately wasting hours to do so. All thousands of images can be uploaded and customized in a couple of hours.

In general performance of Magento lets you in the delay of hundred milliseconds to process user requests and finish your building operations in order to save the speed and quality of your e-commerce web-site, because exactly these two parameters are the most important.

#6. Easy Integrations

Magento platform has many integrating strategies which makes it easy to use with third party services, such as database applications, payment gateways, shipping and shipment tracking etc. Moreover, you can incorporate your business based on Magento with Google Analytics, Google Base and Google Checkout.

#7. SEO Friendly

And the last but not least important thing about this platform is that Magento plugins and extensions help you develop your e-commerce business with SEO strategies. In fact the platform actually comes preloaded with different SEO features such as sitemaps, SE friendly URLs, URL rewrites, layered navigation, meta tags, etc. making it several times easier for your to work with it.

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