Simplifying SEO- A beginners Guide


With the cut throat competition today having n online presence has become imperative be it a small or a large scale business. But having only a website doesn’t suffice the need, one needs to be found as well on search engine results. This is important because major search engines like Google and Yahoo drive traffic to your website who later can become potential customers. Customers today even before buying the smallest of a product or service venture online to look for it. Therefore if your business is available online then there is nothing better then that as it would provide all the publicity and exposure to your brand. There are various resources available online that prove beneficial in optimising a particular site. Now depending upon your time and commitment either you can hire an expert seo or do it yourself.

On Page and Off Page SEO

Search Engine Optimisation can generally be done either on page or off page. The former refers to the factors that are completely under the control of the webmaster. In other words the process includes making changes directly on to the website to improve its rankings. The on page factors mainly include optimising the content of your website, appropriate use of title tags, meta description and HTML coding. It mainly focuses on the sites architecture to help the search engines crawl them with ease.

On the contrary off page refers to techniques that are not completely under the webmaster control. The technique refers to methods for optimising a site beyond the website design. Many thought the off page seo was all about how many incoming links a website has. But today the trend is fast changing with competition. Apart from link building, social media marketing and social bookmarking are also considered important techniques in off page optimisation.  If you are novice in the field then go for an expert seo guidance to know if your site requires an off page or an on page optimisation.

White Hat vs. Black Hat SEO

The techniques for search engine optimisation are generally classified into either white hat or black hat techniques. The former includes tactics and factors that are recommended by the search engine or in simpler words they should confer to its guidelines. The focus is always on the human audience and not only the search engine rankings. Examples of white hat techniques include building quality and genuine back links, keyword analysis etc.

Techniques that the search engine does not approve of are called black hat seo techniques. Black hat seo includes

  • Redirecting users from a page that was built for only search engines.
  • Using hidden text and altering with the page back ground colour.
  • Publishing content by stuffing only the keywords only to gain rankings.
  • Using unethical HTML coding to fool the search engine.

Search Engines are smart enough to identify all the black hat techniques and are likely to penalise a website if found guilty. Therefore one should always remember investing in white hat seo gives long term returns. To know more about SEO one can check online for all the free content and tutorials available.

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