The Age Old Question: Apple Vs Android


Which Is Best?

Why not both?

Apple Vs Android

The question that’s comes up every time it’s time to buy a new cellphone. Do I get

The new Iphone, new Samsung and any other new Android device

It’s a hard decision. Admit it, not only do you want to have the latest and greatest

Technology and features, but we also want to be perceived as cool by our friends.

And don’t you dare get the wrong phone or they will burn you alive.

In this article we will not cover the specs of specific phones, as these days they are normally more or less the same. Same size cameras, same size memory, screen sizes are more or less the same depending on which models you compare etc.

No, we are going to go a bit further than that. We are going to look at Apple VS

Android. Which one offers the most advantages and benefits? Which one is cooler, laying it all out there for you to make an informed choice? (Be sure to read to the end to hear our surprising recommendation)

Unless you have been living under a rock, you would know you’re either using

Apple, or you’re using Android.


Despite Apple’s coolness factor, it actually boasts with a long list of advantages.

One of the most obvious benefits is its user friendliness, which means even how technologically disadvantaged you are, you will be able to use the iphone without any hassles. All the icons are clearly named and pictured, and laid out in a way that makes sense.

Also, it just looks damn good. Apple products are designed so that it not only functions exceptionally well, but to make you look good while using these functions. Apple products are more than tools, they are fashion items as well.

You are also spoilt for choice in the app department. Any app that you can think of are just a few taps away.

The most important feature for me though, is Apple’s legendary security. Virus

infections are drastically fewer compared to Android.

One disadvantage though, apple products are considerably more expensive than

Android products and you’ll even have to pay for most apps.


The choice of the masses, (not that the masses are always right), but with 1.4 billion users world wide (compared to 505 million iOS users), Android must be doing something right.

The most fun thing about Android is, you are free. Free to do download apps from wherever you want, to use any programs, to install other operating systems and just about do anything you want.

But with this freedom comes technicality, so keep that in mind.

There a hundreds of phones that use Android, so you can get exactly what you want, while with Apple, you can only choose their phones and devices on offer. This allows manufacturers to make bespoke devices to exactly fit your needs,

and also brings the price down a lot, directly benefiting your wallet.

You also get a lot (and when we say a lot, we mean A LOT) of wearables,

Because Android is that more open. So although Android might not be as cool as

Apple, you’ll be sure to look stylish wearing that brand new Android watchdesigned by Rolex (Hey, one can dream though).

So Which To Choose

Well in the end it depends on your exact requirements and preferences. But you know what. I currently have Apple and Android devices.

The world doesn’t need to be either/or. You don’t have to stick to one brand and

then fight for all your worth to defend your choice. It is costly but you could use both, and get then the best features of both.

For help with making the right choice, which we all need we recommend going to which is a portal of videos to choose from by brand which is sometimes easier than wading through a myriad of words in articles

But if you pressed a gun against my head and forced me to choose one, I would say the Android is my first choice.

If you want to look cool, and want something that just works, go with the Iphone, but if you want to play around a bit and download interesting apps, Android is the place to be.

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