The Standard And Performance Products That Ink Companies Can Supply


There are two types of products that can be supplied by an ink and paint company:

  • They will be able to supply you with some raw materials that you can mix together yourself and create the desirable paints and inks that are required by your business.
  • They will supply you with the finished product that has been completely mixed together before it is sold to you. This means that the company is going to find the raw materials and then put them together. This is going to save you a large amount of time.

You need to make a choice between the standard and the performance products.

Standard Products

You need to take your time when you are looking at the standard products which are on offer. These are inks and paints which have not undergone any special treatments in order to increase the resistance or conductivity of the product.

There are many standard ink and paint products from Centre Colours which are going to allow you to serve your own customers effectively. If you need something that is more diverse than the standard ink products, then it is time for you to look at something different. These are called performance products.

Performance Products

These performance products are made in a different way to the standard products. They have a few qualities that you might need. The inks and the paints are not just decorative.

The inks and paints can be made conductive. This means that they are going to resist electrical currents and will keep people in the surrounding area safe from the threat of electric shock.

The inks and paints can be made to resist dirt and dust. This is going to ensure that the inks and the paints are going to last for a long time and they are not going to be affected by any outside interference.

The Versatility Of The Paints And The Inks

The paints and the inks that you can buy are very versatile. They can be used on a wide range of surfaces. You may need to use them on wood or metal. Alternatively, the paint might need to be applied to paper or plastic.

You should make sure that the paint or the ink is going to be suitable for the purpose that you need it for. You may want to use the same company on a regular basis because you know that they are offering a quality product to you.

The Process

There are two methods which are going to be used when the paints and the ink are being made. Firstly, the paint is going to be mixed. The raw materials will be carefully measured and then they are going to be put together. Once the materials have been mixed, this is not the end of the process.

Milling is going to separate any sediment that has been caught up in the paint or the ink.


Standard and performance paints or ink have different properties. They are mixed and then milled for impurities.

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