Tips to Create Easy-to-Understand & Remember and Perfect Domain Name


If you plan to advertise the site outside the virtual environment as well, be aware that a large part of this will be audible. On the radio, telephone, conversations, etc. Therefore, avoid creating domains that are difficult to understand, such as homophonic names, those that are spoken in the same way and written in different ways.

Also avoid names with complicated writing such as domains with numbers and foreign languages. Try to create a short, creative name linked to your activity. Furthermore, use Regnames to improve your domain name service.

2 – Prefer domains with usual extensions: .COM

There is no significant difference between .COM and .CO, although the .CO “sounds” more beautiful and brings a subliminal security, a more professional and serious aspect, maybe this is why companies prefer to register or buy the .CO. But the fact is that these two are the most usual and popular.

The general public (common user) has in mind that SITE = .COM or .CO, so avoid extensions such as .net, .biz, .tv, .info. These more common domains (.com and .co) establish more credibility to your brand and website. Believe me, it may seem like a simple detail, but it makes all the difference.

Moreover, learn more about what is a top level domain.

  1. Choose names easy to remember and write

Considering the previous item, it is very important to choose an easy name to memorize for your site. So, forget the complicated names. In the same way, the spelling of words must be accessible, do not use words that usually offer doubts.

Now if the project is bigger, buy .com, .net and especially .co, which can now be registered for individuals. Why this? By the time your site starts to make success, and get a good number of hits, companies and people who buy and sell domains will buy the type shunts of the name of your site in order to try to resell it. At this point if you have not bought it, you will deeply regret it.


These were some simple tips that can help you choose the domain name of your website. Remember that it is not possible to change or edit a domain, hence the importance of making the right choice. This article was to help in this process a bit delicate, in fact, is the name that your site will carry until it exists, and that will reflect in your business and the image of your company / activity.

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