Types of CRM software you can choose from


If you run a business, you may consider investing in a business process management software, because it is a great tool you can use to have an advantage against your competitors. But, you have to know from the beginning that you should not see this crm software as a magical one, because there is not such a thing on the market. If you want to make sure that you will get the expected results when using this tool, you should train your team on how to use it, because only a well-managed team can properly use this system. If you use this technology, many of your activities and processes will be improved.

 When this software assists your employees, they can obtain results quickly and they can meet the objective of the company. If you implement a CRM app in your company, you and your employees will have no issues in performing your daily tasks. According to the specific of your company, you can choose from multiple tools available on the market, so you should make sure that you have knowledge about their features before you choose one.

Marketing CRM software

When you run a business it is important to keep your contact data in a single place, and if you use a CRM solution, especially designed for this purpose, it will do it automatically. A marketing CRM tool has the features lead and contact CRM tools have. The majority of tools include automated workflow, so you will get assisted during the majority of your actions.

  • It is able to automatically send an email to a possible customer the following day they click on one of your links.
  • It can tag a possible lead as interested in knowing more about your company when they open more than an established number of emails.
  • Notify certain persons from your team that they should contact a possible customer
  • Maintain a close interaction with your customers by using the email-marketing tools
  • Improve the communication strategy according to the mail responses

When it comes to the price, the marketing CRM software as the one from this CRM site is listed at affordable prices, but the sums can vary according to the features it has.

Sales CRM software

If your business is focused on selling products, then you should consider implementing this type of software because it offers you a complex view on the client journey. In the majority of cases, the software is cloud based and it drives your sales processes in an efficient way.

  • You can manage the clients’ journey from the first order to the last one.
  • It features best-in class technology, so the software will connect the information from the sales, customer services and marketing departments.
  • It offers you the possibility to manage the steps in building a strong relationship with your customers

The majority of CRM systems, as the one from bpm’online come together with a sales force automation product that will offer you great help in customer development, acquisition and retention.

Contact CRM software

If you want to reach to new customers, then you have to show then that you pay attention to their interests and needs. And for doing so have to know important details about your clients, as their current position, birthday, and the products they use the most. In this way, you have more chances to make a lasting connection. Moreover, a CRM software as the one offered by Highrise is easy to use and will assist you during your actions.

The contact CRM tool will help you gather all the details you need about your customers, and even partners. You can write notes and register the interactions you had with your clients, so when you will call them again, you will check the software and you will have a fresh look at the info you need. In the majority of cases, these tools are the most affordable ones from the market, and you need no previous instructions to use them. They are focused on your contacts, and this is why their design in the majority of cases is similar to Google Contacts.

These are only some of the most important types of CRM software. You can find on the market also, Service CRM, Leads and Deals CRM, and Conversation CRM.


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