Various Functionalities of PC Optimizers


Computers tend to slow down with the passage of time. They grow weary and require touch ups from time to time to ensure that they run smoothly and their life increases. There are certain software that can be used for such purposes. Pc optimizer is one such utility that is used to enhance performance and speed of the computer. A pc optimizer performs multiple functions, all centered on achieving computer stability to enact its optimization. These processes include computer clean up, memory management, junk files removal, startup management, security enhancement and other maintenance functions. Let us learn a little about these functions and how they optimize the computer’s performance.

Computer scans and clean ups

Primary motive of pc optimizers is to look for files that occupy unnecessary space on disk and take up the memory that could be utilized for other running processes. Duplicate and temporary files are searched and deleted to achieve computer optimization. This process is called computer clean up as redundant files are being wiped, leading to a clean and uncluttered computer.

Malware clean up

Malicious agents attach themselves with library setting files and corrupt the system configuration. They also damage data and alter user’s settings. PC optimizers scan the system for malwares and upon their detection, delete them. Malware slow down the computers and make them act erratically. PC optimizer takes care of them to make sure system is running smoothly.

Registry management

PC optimizers help in detecting and tackling various registry issues. Bloated registry slows down the computer. It is required to manage registry database from time to time. If you have no idea how to do this, PC optimizer will to it for you. It will get rid of overflowing registry entries and organize the required ones so as to ensure smooth running of the system.

System and device driver updates

Manually looking for updates of various programs and user applications is a laborious process. Pc optimizer identifies those applications that require updates and look for their recent updates. If updates are available, the program on your system will be amended so that it runs smoothly and in turn, computer runs without any interruption. Sometimes we face challenges in connecting peripheral devices like printers with the computers. PC optimizers keep on updating such device drivers from time to time so that user never has to face connectivity problems.

Security enhancement

Exposure to internet has weakened computer’s firewall as there are multiple threats out there designed in a way to sneak past various protective layers. Pc optimizers have antivirus properties and they make sure no threat gets past any layer of firewall. They keep a check on computer’s browsing activities to make sure safe sites are being visited. As the tracker or spyware approaches the computer, pc optimizer will generate a caution alert.

Disk defragmentation

Data that we store on our storage drives get stored in form of blocks of data. These blocks of data are called fragments and they are scattered throughout the drive in no particular order. Although data is read together but it is deleted fragment by fragment. Sometimes, some fragments get ignored while deletion and stay on the drive. These fragments resist to the addition of new data. These fragments need to be cleared and the process of removing them one by one is called defragmentation. Pc optimizers perform defragmentation to ease upload on storage drives and make free space for storage of new data.

Keeping a check on browser activities

Web Browsers make temporary files that store the address of webpage’s visited. These files are fetched in case these pages are visited again to save time. These files are called cookies. They take up space on computer. Pc optimizers delete the entire browser generated files especially cookies and cache to make sure computer storage space is not being wasted.

Additional features

Pc optimizers provide other features such as

  • Managing startup programs to increase boot up speed.
  • Managing background processes to ease pressure off RAM.
  • Managing disk space and memory.
  • Repairing broken DLLs
  • Giving insights of various program settings, computer performance and speed.
  • Automatic and scheduled PC scans.

PC optimizer is compatible with all kinds of computers and can be installed and run on various versions of operating system. They need to be updated as well and their updates are made available so as to equip them with tools to combat with various threats that are capable of taking a computer down. PC optimizers are one of the most important computer maintenance tools and way better in terms of ease of operation and efficiency as compared to their counter parts. Computer experts would recommend you to install a good PC optimizer but you would have to decide for yourself whether it is worth its price considering other alternatives.

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