Visualization Of Merchandising Made Easy With A Unique Software Tool

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As a retailer you can now virtually visualize your merchandise using a unique software tool called the retail planogram. Utilizing this automated software you can ensure accurate stocking and visualize through a diagram the products that are displayed on different shelves in the retail store. This tool can be indispensable especially if you have a chain of stores where you will be able to take into account each and every stock accurately including the location of the placement of the items. You can now place innumerable items on display and still hold an accurate account of the number and description of all the items.

The advantages that you get in planning, managing and visualizing your merchandise include:

  • Reducing the number of out of stock items for increasing the revenue and for the better satisfaction of the customers.
  • Layout of the shelves that stimulate the behavior of customers while purchasing in order to get more revenue.
  • Ensuring a better balance between the shelf inventory and consumer demand for lowering the cost.
  • Getting a consistent marketing message and image to ensure better satisfaction of the customers and for higher loyalty.
  • Efficient use of staff while rearranging the items on display for ensuring that there is less disruption for customers and lowering the costs.
  • Improving the usage of unused storage space

Manufacturers and suppliers have also some advantages when using the retail planogram which include:

  1. Having more influence on the allocation of space and assortment so that they can have enhanced ROI on their activities in the market.
  2. Able to carry out simple and quick reality check in case there is any development of packaging of new products in order to lower the costs and to minimize mistakes that could be costly.
  1. Increase in the rate of success for introducing a new product that can lower the cost of marketing and reaching the higher levels in distribution faster.
  1. Improvement in the relation with business partners, helping in focusing less on relative margin and having better ROI.
  1. Getting a better insight into the performance of competitors which gives a strategic advantage.

Creating a planogram

Creating a retail planogram will require logical organization of items delicately balanced like grouping same category items and projecting high profile products that are most profitable by placing them to be focused by the customers. Taking cue from the behaviors of customers, techniques in cross selling are followed in order to increase the sales. The diagram placed by the planogram will show which items should be kept at eye level so as to draw the attention of customers easily. The bottom levels can be left for displaying products that are for children so that they can easily spot them at their eye level. Grouping of products is the main factor that can help increase the sales and by using the planogram it can be done effectively possible.

There are many software developers you will find on searching the internet who are in the field of developing planograms for retail sellers.

Retail Planogram is a unique software tool that allows to visualize the merchandise which is displayed at the retail stores making it easy for managing and planning.


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