What Is So Special About Magento 2 When Compared With Magento 1


When you start your business with an e-commerce store, you do your best to increase sales. You make sure to meet customer requirement through your products. Apart from that you get involved in social media marketing, add promotions to increase revenue as well as design a user-friendly website. Still, you are not able to achieve the expected results. There can be a number of reasons behind it. You are not able to convert your leads into customers even after experiencing heavy traffic.

User-friendly checkout process can help customers for easy shopping, but developers may have a difficult time managing it. So better try Magento if you don’t want to do the coding for checkout from the scratch. Now you can hire Magento 2 developer to easily achieve the task of designing an e-commerce store using the newest version of Magento 2.

Know how better checkout experience can be achieved with Magento 2

Less number of steps: You can see that the checkout process has been simplified if you compare Magento 2 with Magento 1. If you have earlier used Magento 1, you must have known that it consists of six steps for checkout while in Magento 2 it is reduced to simply two steps. Less number of steps means the customer can complete the checkout quickly and leave your site fast. Moreover, the customer will not have to fill in more information. The mobile users are more benefited as they don’t get frustrated filling in forms on the small screen.

Checkout page with no distractions: At Magento 2, there is very few information present on the checkout like the payment and shipping information along with company logo. So the user will directly pass through them and complete the process. Things are different with Magento 1. Here there is a lot of information on the page which may confuse the users and even they may be taken away from the checkout, if they follow any of those distractions.

Tabs for payment & shipping: There are six scattered checkout steps that a user has to go through to complete the shipping and billing information on Magento 1. So, sometimes the users get confused regarding which information they need to enter in order to complete the process.

In case of Magento 2, payment section is linked with the billing address. So the user will find a space to enter the billing address when they choose a payment method. All the information related to both tabs can be found under each of them. So it eliminates the issues and confusion that a user face at Magento 1. Again with Magento 2, the users enjoy different payment options like Braintree and PayPal. So this reduces the number of abandoned carts.

Guest checkout simplified: Now the users on the Magento 2 site can easily checkout by simply adding the email address present in their account. The remaining information like billing and shipping will be automatically generated. It is very difficult for the store to track the information of guest users when on Magento 1 platform, but with Magento 2 a user can easily save the information while placing an order and repeat shopping whenever they want.

Instinctive design: It is necessary to have an intuitive checkout process to provide better user experience. This means the user will be able to complete the process the better way. This difference between Magento1 and Magento 2 can be seen when it comes to placing discount codes. In the case of Magento 1, the user finds a box for the discount code at the shopping cart page. This confuses the users when they come to the payment section as they are expecting a discount here.

Know that users may leave the shopping cart if they fail to understand the process of the site completely. So the focus should be on creating a better checkout page. With Magento 2, things have been simplified. So it is recommended to switch to the platform if you need to lessen the number of abandoned carts.

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