Workflow To Be Done While Approval Of Forms


Writing an email to the concerned person for approval takes a lot of time and effort as well, amidst of that a mail trail starts building up and the actual issue loses its influence. So to overcome by this situation there is an alternative that can automate this task efficiently and it is called approval system.

 Logic Routing Workflow:  while putting everyone in the email, from the concerned person to the non-concerned, email workflow deviates while:

  • An approval system lets the user route the form or information contained in it for approval to the relevant recipients.
  • Permissions like allowing or denying the request with other options are made available for the ease.
  • Requests for approval need not be sent to the un-intentional recipients

Records of Approval: Taking care of information like un-attended submissions or either seen or not seen before the required date:

  • If the approver either deny or approve the request, then according to approval workflow the request is automatically cleared or passed and sent back if no further intervention is required.
  • Every submission request is digitally recorded and managed in databases for further checking-up and queries whenever any issue arises.
  • All data is protected, which means even denied submissions are never deleted from the database.

Selection of Multiple Approvers:

  • The submission request not only sent to just few persons, it can be addressed to the whole team with submitted data.
  • Review comments and feedback are visible to everyone intended.

Email Approval:

  • With the help of add-ons, logging-in to the application need not be requires as a user can now access it directly from the email.
  • Without complicating the process of filling the form and maintaining its complexity, the workflow is still easy to use.

Cloud Availability:

  • It’s no longer required now to stay connected to company’s network to fill forms, as the server is maintained on Cloud and the whole form approval system is deployed on remote located servers or systems.
  • Making the application available to the cloud, form or workflow website running the embedded application can be accessed when user receives notification through email and launched easily via the graphics user interface of the application dashboard.

Benefit over Emails:

  • Options require impact and involvement of the reviewer like quick response, auto-approval, etc.
  • Performance of the forms can be monitored and additional improvements can be added easily.
  • Prioritizing is easy, options for reverting back and forwarding are made available.
  • Typical examples are employee feedback forms, recruitment, performance appraisal forms and employee contract forms


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