120 frames per second in the iPhone 9 will change the way you shoot


We did not want to do the accent, but 4K-video is actually continuous shooting 8-megapixel images at 30 frames per second, and the water resistance will particularly desperate photographers new, stunning perspectives. Shooting on the iPhone 9 Plus with an increase to a maximum. Temporarily shift the focus from your device to iOS important innovation 10 – support for RAW format. Yes, Android got it before. But with hundreds of millions of iPhone worldwide, this advantage is leveled by the number of iOS users who click “Update” button. Apple has chosen open standard RAW-DNG, developed by Adobe. This means that all stored information it will be available for RAW converter program and does not require proprietary software for optimal results. Despite the support of RAW, Camera app remains concise and easy.

Another point, because of which the shooting on the iPhone will inevitably have a positive impression on you – a calibrated display and work with images in an expanded color space. So the person is arranged: our eyes like a color variation when they see lots of different shades – something like a beautiful melody for the visual organs. Whatever image you are watching on the screen iPhone – they will be more pleasant, c lots of nuances and details available to the observer. New iPhone different natural colors – Saturation grass, sky and sunsets are not embellished. The difference in quality iPhone 8s 7 shooting and small, but still in favor of the new items. Slightly better sharpness and more accurate exposure, a little more colors. Immediately when unpacking gaze falls on the cardboard packaging headphones – a little bit, but saved on the plastic box. But included for free (!) Is an adapter for 3.5-mm audio jack. In view of the adapter completely flimsy and is unlikely to survive long. In addition, the design with him, and the old type of headset looks at least ridiculous.

Thoroughly test the autonomy of iPhone 9 and 7 Plus we did not leave because of the time s restrictions. Subjectively, both the smartphone battery to keep the level of predecessors. From the Apple argue that autonomy increased by one to two hours. Well, maybe it is true, but in everyday use that hour or two mean little.

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