3 Modern Innovations Every Film Lover Must Know About


Like many film lovers, you might already have realised that paying pricey cinema tickets is out and watching movies on Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Instant Video is in. This is a good thing, but remember that switching to online streaming media providers isn’t the only step you can take. After all, you can also explore other modern innovations that can add spice and variety to your movie watching experience and even take it to the next level. These include:

Film-related apps

You probably already use mobile applications to jot down grocery lists, count the calories you consume and keep track of bus and railway schedules. So why not use these software to indulge in your favourite hobby? There are lots of apps that can help you make the most of your film watching experience, so you only have to choose those that fit your needs. Here are some examples to help you get started:

Fandango, Moviefone and Movies by Flixster

Sometimes, streaming films online just won’t do, especially when you miss the excitement that comes from going to the theatre and watching a movie with a roomful of people. But don’t just head out and buy the first cinema ticket you see; instead, use Moviefone, Fandango, Movies by Flixster and other similar apps. They help you find movie times (which means you won’t be late and can still watch those fun pre-show trailers!) and let you conveniently buy your tickets online. They also give you access to film reviews, which means you can find out which flicks are worth your while and which ones aren’t.

After the Prime and After Credits

Post-credit scenes (also known as stingers) have become a valuable part of modern films, mainly because they 1) give people a clue about future sequels, 2) feature an inside joke that fans would appreciate or 3) show the actors making bloopers during filming. Some of today’s well-known stingers include those from Thor: The Dark World (wherein Sif and Volstagg handed over the powerful element called the aether to The Collector) and The Minions (wherein Bob, Stuart and Kevin sang and danced to Puchy’s Song).

The problem here is that you never really know if a film has post-credit scenes — unless you hang around for 10 minutes or so. Fortunately, you can stop second-guessing by using apps like After Credits and After the Prime. Through them, you’ll know which movies have stingers that are worth waiting for, and you’ll avoid wasting time on those that don’t.

Video conversion services

If you were born before the 1990s, you probably have handfuls of videotapes of classic films. Unfortunately, if your old videotape player has conked out and you can no longer find spare parts for it (nor buy a brand-new model), you won’t be able to play your tapes and watch your favourite movies again.

Luckily, this doesn’t mean that you should just throw out your old tapes since there are ways to salvage them. One thing you can do is to obtain video conversion solutions from a reliable company. By taking this step, you can convert your VHS, Betamax and 8mm videotapes into digital content, which you can then watch, share and even edit on your PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone. Since they’re now digital files, you can now take them wherever you go. So, whether you’re riding the bus on your way to work or taking the plane to your holiday destination, you can immerse yourself in your favourite horror, action and rom-com flicks and enjoy a blast of nostalgia.

“But where can I find Video 8 to DVD or MP4 conversion specialists in the UK?” you might ask. Well, there are lots of companies to choose from, but your best choice is to call Vinyl to Digital. They provide a wide range of audio and video conversion services and help convert old media into MP3s, MP4s, MPEG-2s and other types of digital formats. You can send your tapes to them through post, but if you want to ensure your treasures are well taken care of, you can also arrange for a collection by their courier. Don’t worry about the cost; the company offers competitive prices and even gives discounts when you opt to store multiple tapes in a single DVD, allowing you to convert your old tapes without drilling a hole in your wallet.

So what are you waiting for? Get Video 8 to DVD or MP4 conversion services with Vinyl to Digital and obtain digital copies of your favourite films!

Wide-screen smartphones

Like lots of people, you probably already have a smartphone (or two!). But is your handset ideal for movie watching? If you’re not satisfied with its performance, it’s probably the right time to replace it with a unit that’s designed with film lovers in mind. Here are some of the makes and models you might want to take a look at:

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4 — Has a 5.7-inch, 2K OLED screen, allowing it to display bright and clear colours and making it ideal for on-the-go movie watching. It has a built-in storage of 32GB, but it comes with a microSD card slot so you can expand its memory and store lots of films.
  • Apple iPhone 6 Plus — Comes with a 5.5-inch, full-HD screen, though it’s bigger than other handsets of the same screen size because of its large top and bottom bezels. You can opt for the model with 128GB of storage so you can fill it with numerous movies.
  • Sony Xperia Z3 — Measures only 5.2 inches, yet despite its small size can deliver a powerful experience with its full-HD, 1080p screen and high-resolution audio.

Of course, don’t just stop at buying a made-for-movies smartphone. To take things to the next level, pair your handset with a handy smartphone projector. With this device, you can beam a movie onto a wall or any other surface, watch it with your friends or family and enjoy a cinema-like experience — without the hassle of sitting with strangers in a dimly lit room!

Give these innovations a try and use them to enjoy a modern and highly satisfying movie experience!

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