Vapium Summit Review: Pros and Cons of the Portable Vaporizer


The Vapium Summit Portable Vaporizer is a dry herb vaporizer that is ideal for use at home and on the go. The herbal vaporizer has a number of distinctive benefits as well as a few drawbacks that you need to know about before you buy.

The Basics of the Vapium Summit Portable Vaporizer

– Price – The Vapium Summit Portable Vaporizer retails for around $150, which is much less expensive than most other vaporizer models of its kind. This makes it a great introductory herb vaporizer for those new to vaping, but the model is also sure to meet the standards of more experienced vapor enthusiasts.

– Vapor Quality – Considering the price, the Vapium Summit Portable Vaporizer has above average vapor quality, producing fairly strong, plentiful clouds of vapor. The taste and smoothness of the vapor are excellent at the beginning, but by the end, you will likely notice a diminishment in taste and a harsher vapor quality.

– Guarantee – The Vapium Summit Portable Vaporizer is backed by a 1 year warranty, which is about average for portable vaporizers.

– Prep Time – Due to its design, the Vapium Summit Portable Vaporizer can be messy to load. You can expect to have a small amount of wasted herbs that must be brushed off after using. You will need to grind your herbs very finely for best results. The Vapium Summit vaporizer heats up rather quickly, and it conveniently vibrates to let you know that it’s reached working temperature.

– Ease of Use – There is only one button necessary to operate the Vapium Summit Portable Vaporizer. You can vary long and short draws for a flexible vaping experience, and the dry herb vaporizer has little to no resistance. One drawback is that the vape does revert to standby mode every 90 seconds, but it does not vibrate to let you know.

– Heating and Temperature Regulators – The Vapium Summit Portable Vaporizer has eight temperature settings, more than what’s common with portable herb vaporizer models.

– Power Supply – The Vapium Summit Portable Vaporizer has an internal lithium ion battery that is rechargeable with a Micro USB. It is ready for use in just one hour, which is rather fast. On a full charge, it provides one hour of continuous vape time, outperforming some other portable vaporizers. A solar charger is available for purchase separately for recharging anywhere on the go.

Vapium Summit

Pros of the Vapium Summit Portable Vaporizer

  • Long battery of life with 1 hour of continuous usage
  • Recharges quickly with only 1 hour of charge time required
  • More temperature settings than most portable vaporizers
  • Vibration lets you know when it’s time to vape
  • Allows you to take shorter draws
  • Above average vapor quality for the price
  • Solar charger accessory offered for on-the-go charging
  • Very simple to use

Cons of the Vapium Summit Portable Vaporizer

  • Not as luxurious as some other portable vaporizers
  • Vaporizer does not vibrate to tell you when it goes into standby mode, so you may not realize it happened
  • Can be hard to fill, which can result in a little waste
  • Vapor does run hot and loses flavor by the end of a session

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