5 Bluetooth Speaker Systems with Active lights to blast the party


Everyone loves music, we can’t live without it. It speaks in every moment which can’t be expressed by words. Entertainment is where the music is; party speakers are there to buzz the party. The lights flash and the beats surely make us move and show the favourite steps. Here are 5 Bluetooth-enabled pure classic sound systems with light flash sensors and USB ports at 10speakers.com so that you fully enjoy your entertainment.

SP-600BT Bazooka Speaker with Flash Lights and Bluetooth

The wireless speaker has Bluetooth availability inside 30ft radius, the Bluetooth is compatible with any operating system like Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. Also, the unique light flash sensor can illuminate an entire room; the light flash has seven different colour led lights which follow the beats and creates a wild party scene. Along with 3.5mm aux input and ¼” jacks; this incredible audio system also features –

  • 2000mAh rechargeable battery
  • A couple of 6.5” subwoofers and tweeters
  • FM radio and Bluetooth facility
  • Supports SD card and USB
  • Echo controls
  • Remote control
  • 1100W audio power
  • 20Hz-18KHz frequency range
  • AC 110V-230V power supply

SP-388BT Party Speaker

The dynamic sound system including 2 subwoofers and tweeters is designed for rich bass feel and ideal ambient for a party. The Class D amplifier with dual channel facility supports Bluetooth and led light sensor which creates a dancing club theme inside your room. The 360º motion free speaker also has various features like –

  • Wireless microphone (karaoke)
  • Remote controller
  • Aux, FM, and Bluetooth
  • 3 guitar inputs
  • Two woofers and two tweeters
  • 360-degree motion free wheels
  • 7-Band Visual Equalizer
  • >80db S/N ratio
  • 3500W audio power
  • 110V-230V AC power supply

SP-143BT Party Machine

The party machine speaker with extraordinary rich sound and traffic light is ideal for any indoor and outdoor event.The sound system is equipped with 3x10inch woofers for diverse sounds and 2x4inch midrange drivers to set the mid frequencies.The Bluetooth and USB Dock charging made it easier to carry and play outdoors. The speaker also features –

  • Remote controller
  • Laser light projection, Traffic lights, and Woofer lights
  • SD card, FM, 3.5 aux input
  • 2 Guitar/Microphone inputs
  • Horn tweeter
  • 7-Band Visual EQ
  • 360-degree motion
  • 2600W audio power
  • >80db S/N ration
  • 110V-230V AC power supply

SP-64BT Sound System with LED Star Panel

The wireless sound system built in Bluetooth and disco light system is an ideal gadget for music lovers. The disco lights are designed on top of the sound system which changes color with the beats and flashlights on the woofer makes it an extraordinary speaker. Apart from this, the speaker features –

  • Remote controller
  • Trolley wheeler
  • Bluetooth, SD, USB supported device
  • 5mm aux input
  • 7-Band Visual Equalizer
  • 3 Guitar/Microphone inputs
  • FM radio
  • 2x10inch woofers and 2x3inch tweeters
  • 1600W audio power
  • 110V AC power supply

SP-88BT Professional Speaker

One of the loudest Bluetooth sound systems with 7 Color LED lights and 4000W audio and it can easily stand for a party of 50 people. The speaker has a rich and clear sound quality with 7-Band EQ system to control the treble, mid, low frequencies or you can use various pre-saved EQs as well. The powerful sound system also features –

  • Remote controller
  • RCA aux input
  • 3 Guitar/Microphone inputs
  • 7-Band Graphic EQ
  • Manually controllable LED strip lights
  • 2x15inch woofers and 2 horn tweeters
  • Supports SD, USB, Bluetooth
  • 20Hz-18KHz frequency range
  • 4000W audio power
  • 100V-220V power supply
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