Get old HD video cameras for the new portable recorders line.


In the past ten years, camera technology has made rapid progress. In most of the years, many cameras are old.

Also, if you are completely capable of winning high-quality, high-resolution images of an excellent sagging socket, there are usually restrictions on the recording codec as well as the media camera types recorded.

The good thing is that there is a new limit of portable recorders with high-resolution camera video output that has at least one HD video player, HDMI Photo Restoration

 or at least one of these high-resolution cameras, With which to open.

These recorders, such as AJA’s Kipro Mini or Samurai and Atomos 2 Ninja 2, have been used, HD / VoIP or HDMI port cameras to directly record a compressed video or open clip made on a hard disk or flash card.

But portable recorders have been with us for a long time, but what does the new model restriction firmware (IEEE 1396) have different compress from being limited due to signal receipts, they are currently editing Apple ProRes For ready formats, you can use them. And Avid DNxHD

The new generation of recorders is even more portable, and even with the highest ranking data from Apple Prison Hackewash, allows you to shoot for a more extended period, especially for recording and long events like seminars, weddings And will be useful for sports events.

Many professional camcorders can record at least 50MBPs. But with the ability to bypass the original shape of the signal signaled, you can access the maximum rate of bits, 100 220 Mbps, which is very useful for the job after all intensive production via the best video camera.

If you are editing Final Cut or Adobe Premiere Pro or Avid, using this method means that you have to spend some time in converting your footage, you can quickly start editing and align the workflow Will not have to

It is also a useful workflow for different camera functions, which is likely to use the cameras in various formats.

This recorder also has some other useful features. For example, Atos Samurai and Nine models have a built-in LCD to review pictures and many options for pictures of clips.

Therefore, comparatively high data rates like pro-rays, with 10-bit recording, create a portable recorder that is a powerful addition to your collection.

Your old HD cameras can have the full potential of a new life, save your money and can streamline your workflow.

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