Three different types of cameras


Let’s check three different types of cameras available on the market today for casual, learners, or expert photographers. All kinds of cameras are available at and they have both pros and cons.

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DSLR – helps to take more professional photos

One of the most common types of digital cameras known is the DSLR, which is versatile, offers the best performance, and is often the favourite of news, multimedia, and sports photography.

DSLR stands for Digital Single Lens Reflex.

  • It is available in a range of prices depending on the quality.
  • The camera lens of DSLR is detachable. You can change the lensbased on the need of style of photography. For instance, the wide-angle lens is used for landscaping photos.
  • Thelatest versions of the DSLR are be used for video recordings as well.
  • The mirror and prism in the DSLR offer the perfect view when you look through the viewfinder.
  • It comes with the availability of full-frame and half-frame camera options. While you shoot the photo, the mirror flips up to let the light enter through the shutter and reach the sensor.

The two popular manufacturers of DSLR cameras are – Nikon and Canon. Fuji, Sigma, and Pentax also offer the best DSLR cameras.

Mirrorless Cameras –User-friendly, compact and light

If you are looking for a lighter and compact alternative to the DSLR cameras without compromising the quality, digital mirrorless cameras are the best option.

As the name suggests, the mirrorless camera does not have a mirror. You see the small electronic screen through the viewfinder, which displays the direct view that you point your lens. The light goes straight to the sensor without the mirror.

  • Mirrorless cameras are lightweight, limit the camera shaking, and are much quieter compared to DSLRs.
  • It is best for focusing and metering with the electronic viewfinder.
  • Another benefit of mirrorless cameras is the availability of a range of lenses.
  • Both crop frame and full-frame camera bodies are available in mirrorless cameras.

The popular manufactures of mirrorless cameras are – Nikon and Sony. Sony A1 offers the best full-frame mirrorless camera body. Fujifilm, Olympus, and Panasonic are other options you may opt for under mirrorless cameras. Visit this website for more details:

Compact – the point and shoot cameras

If you need a camera that is easy to use and fits inside your pocket, compact cameras are a great option.

  • The fixed lens and variable focal length are the features it offers for capturing causal images.
  • There are ranges of options available under the compact cameras, from the very basic to advanced models depending on your budget and size.
  • Compact cameras are categorized into three categories –
  • Standard compacts – It is affordable, lightweight, and easy to use.
  • Zoom compacts – It comes with the zoom lens, has automatic exposure settings and manual options.
  • Advanced Compacts – It is costlier than the standard compact cameras. It has manual exposure mode, and some even feature interchangeable lenses. 

Hope the information helps you in getting the best camera that suits your need and budget. With other accessories you can capture the amazing moments with right angles. But accessories like 3 point slinger at Remember, be it DSLR, mirrorless, or compact cameras, understanding the method of using it – is the skill you need to learn to capture the best image.

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