3 Things to Look For Before Buying Expired Domains


Buying expired domains can be a tricky process if someone does not have the right amount of knowledge on this particular topic. Most individuals might think they can buy any expired domain and reap the benefits but there is more to it than that. Another course of action an internet new comer might do is just buy expired domains without looking into them assuming they will be of value. For example if just-expired domains are purchased and all of them have Google penalties, the investment can be worthless. There will be 3 different things presented to let uninformed readers know things to look for when purchasing expired domains. The first will be to check what kind of niche or topic the website revolves around. Following that the next thing to look for is if any a domain has any Google penalties before deciding to purchase. Lastly, will be to check what kind of backlinks the domain currently has. After reviewing these 3 different things to look for uniformed readers will have more knowledge on what to look for before buying an expired domain.

1. Check the Niche of the Domain’s Website

It is always important to know what kind of website content an expired domain consisted of. For example if the website of an expired domain was about dog training and the potential buyer is looking for a natural foods domain the potential buyer would probably not want that domain. Now there are two different ways to do this, the first is by using Internet Archive: Wayback Machine, a website that can be used to find this. The next way to check is by typing “site:” in front of the domain and then by looking at the code as it can be seen the type of material the website was built around.

2. Check for a Domain’s Google Penalties

This is a simple and quick thing to look for before deciding to purchase just expired domains. First it is important to know what Google penalties are and how they can have an effect on a domain’s website. If there are Google penalties on a domain its search results are penalized so the website will be listed further down the list on a Google search. Very similar to the last step the way to search for Google a penalty is by typing “site:” in front of the domain. If there is not anything that pops up from the search then that expired domain may not be the best domain to purchase due to the penalties.

3. Look at the Backlinks of a Domain before Purchasing

Backlinks are links from a domain’s website that are on other websites linking back to the original site. If the backlinks for a domain are all on low ranking websites or fake profiles, someone interested in this domain should decide not to buy that domain. The type of backlinks that are worthy come from high ranking websites like YouTube and other authority websites in the same niche or topic as the domain that the buyer is looking for.

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