TVS Jupiter impresses


India is known to be the largest market for two-wheelers in the world, mainly because in our country there are a lot of people who find two-wheeler’s more affordable and convenient than the four-wheelers. Here, one can find a majority of the people on two-wheelers and it is considered to be a popular mode of transportation. Mainly the I00 to 125 CC two-wheeler’s are the ones that sell the most, mainly because they are easy to ride on the Indian roads. Honda Activa has been an all-time favourite among the two-wheelers and not many scooters have been able to get that same loyalty as the Honda Activa but the latest launch by TVS, which is the TVS Jupiter, has been able to build a niche for itself as the scooter is quite good.

The TVS Jupiter is quite a comfortable scooter to ride, in fact, it is best for Indian roads; it has well-built machinery and the finish of the scooter is quite impressive. It is also a sizeable scooter by TVS, so if you are planning to travel to another city on this scooter then it has sufficient space for the feet as well as for carrying luggage.

The key features of the all new TVS Jupiter

·         It has a metal body which makes the scooter looks quite stylish and attractive

·         This scooter has is muffle guarded

·         LED lamp on the tail is another feature of this scooter

·         The Jupiter is impressive because of the front telescopic suspension

·         There are  bag hooks that are retractable

·         There is also the provision for putting the mobile charger, this is indeed impressive.

·         0-60 kmph is the pick-up that this scooter comes with

·         It has the econometer which especially designed by high fuel efficiency

·         There are twin city lamps that are there for poor visibility

·         Large under storage is another speciality of this scooter

·         It is unique because of its brake system

·         There is also parking brake which is just like the hand-brake 

The TVS Jupiter braking

In TVS Jupiter, the Disc brakes are missing which; there are brakes known as the drum that are present on both sides. The engine is slightly different which helps in reducing noise that is occurs.

Competition of the TVS Jupiter

TVS Jupiter has a lot of contenders but all of these contenders are not worth the time and the money. The notable contenders of the TVS Jupiter are the Honda Activa, Mahindra Gusto, Hero Maestro and the Yamaha Fascino. These are all the notable competitors of the 110cc scooters, all of them have a high fuel efficiency and are affordable but compared to all these competitors the TVS Jupiter is the best and the most viable option.

If you are planning to buy a scooter to ride on the Indian bumpy roads then the TVS Jupiter is the best to buy among all the 110cc scooters. It has some really great features and it is decently priced.







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