5 Reasons to Monitor Phones of Your Employees


Smartphones have become an essential part of our lives, with most of us carrying them at our workplaces as well. Even though you cannot fully restrict the use of smartphones during working hours, yet you can stop their misuse just by installing a monitoring app as powerful as Mobistealth, so that it can tell you what your employees are trying to hide. These apps do cost some money, but that becomes irrelevant once you receive a good enough reason to invest in such kind of apps. With your business interest at stake, there is not just one, but many reasons to spend a few dollars to be able to keep tabs on employees’ phone usage during working hours. Let’s explore these reasons in detail.

Monitor Phones

1. To Keep Your Trade Secrets Safe

Trade secrets are an asset for an organization as they keep the company going, whereas competitors are always looking to get their hands on these secrets to exploit you or break your competitive advantage. Some companies faced lawsuits after they accepted the fact that they were stealing data from their competitors through illegal means. You may like to belief that your employees are loyal to your company, but what if they are not? This question needs serious consideration, as it is your company’s future that is at risk. Even though you cannot fully avoid the risk of data security, you can minimize it by monitoring your employees’ phones in order to make sure they are not sharing company data with any unauthorized person. An employee monitoring app logs call details, keeps track of emails sent and received on smartphones, and also records chat conversation via popular messaging services like WhatsApp. This data is then uploaded on an online server which of course accessible remotely.

2. To Avoid Facing a Lawsuit

What if one day you wake up on a call of your secretary telling you that one of your employees has filed a lawsuit against the company for violating his employee rights? There are several cases where employees won the lawsuit even when they were not right just because employers failed to provide concrete evidence. If you do not want this to happen with your company, then get prepared beforehand. Search for the best employee monitoring app and get it installed on company-owned phones. These tools save employees browsing history, emails, contact logs, IM, and much more. If the need arises, you can easily get access to records of a particular day and time for presenting in the court of law, as electronic records are also acceptable in court.

3. To Remain Updated About Employees Location

If your business requires employees to work in the field, then you must get a monitoring app installed on their devices in order to make sure they are where they should be and not in a fancy restaurant having lunch with their darling. Conventional monitoring apps track the location of phones using GPS, but there are also some apps that can track location even where GPS fails. You should know the difference before buying a monitoring app.

4. To Monitor Employer Performance

Installing a monitoring app on your employees’ phones can give you a pretty good idea of how they’re spending their time during working hours. As you already know, performance is to do what’s been assigned. However, if your employees are ignoring their assigned duties and instead spending time sending texts, surfing the web, or indulged in any other time-wasting activity on their phone, you’ll easily know the truth from the convenience of your office. Of course, there’s absolutely no room for compromise on performance if the company is to remain competitive. Therefore, you can confront the guilty employees immediately upon learning of their lack of performance.

5. To Discourage Time Wasting Activities

Gone are the days when mobiles were just used for calling and texting. Smartphones are smart enough to entertain its users anytime they want. Unfortunately, this has become a huge problem for employers as their workforce end up playing games, visiting inappropriate sites, doing online shopping at a time when they should be working. You can discourage employees to indulge in such activities by monitoring their smartphone activities. Don’t forget to inform them about the digital surveillance beforehand though, as a failure to do that can lead you into legal trouble.

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