A Reality Check for Android users: Why Apple iPhone is a Better Choice?


The battle between Android phone and Apple iPhone is a long and ongoing. While a few Android phone loyalist suggest Android is way better than iPhone, the Apple fans counteract by saying the simplicity of usage makes it the best. Well, if Android phones score over Apple in terms of being an open platform and better customizable options, Apple beats android hands down with its super cool interface. So, the question still remains which phone is better? Here we list 10 reasons why Apple iPhone is better than Android. However, please note that this is by no means to say that Android is any less; it has its own unique features and benefits.

Supreme quality camera

If you take a look at the Apple iPhone prices and compare it with some of the premium Android phones, there is hardly any difference in terms of the price you shell out for the phone. But, when it comes to camera quality the android phones are not match to the clarity of the iPhone camera. This comes in spite of the fact that the android phone has a mind-boggling 12, 20, or even higher Mega-pixel camera. Whereas, the iPhone is not known to offer high MP camera yet the quality of the picture is way superior. Not to mention the iPhone camera are equipped with features like 4K recording, slow motion recording, LED flash lights, image signal process and may more other features you can be rest assured that your images appear more realistic than ever before.

Better integration of software and hardware

With the advent of the new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S plus models, Apple has brought to the fore a new revolutionary technology that no other Android phone in the market could replicate. The 3D touch display on the front panel is smart enough to detect the pressure on the sensor, which allows the users to get quick access to the various applications. A light tap on the home button lets you take a peek in to your email. Although, android phones have offered ‘Haptic’ buttons for a long time, they is no comparison to the ‘Taptic’ engine on the new iPhone in terms of being super-efficient. Only Apple iPhone has the ability to tie together its software and hardware like this.

User friendly Interface

Despite all the attempts by the Android phone makers to provide various customization features for users to make their phone more user-friendly, Apple iPhones still rule the roost and they are acclaimed to be the easiest phone to use thus far. The best thing is that unlike the Android phones, there is a different app drawer to access your apps, and does not have any overlay that gets into your way of browsing the application you want. Some of the critics of Apple iOS say the interface lacks substantial changes in the look and the feel of the iOS make it a boring UI to use; you must know the lack of change is actually a blessing in disguise. Even the old iOS users can still use the new iPhone with same ease that they once did in the past decade.

Get quick OS updates

This is probably one of the most killer reasons which would even convince even the most ardent Android fan that iPhone is way better. Although, android keeps releasing its new OS version, only a handful of people are able to use it. Unless, you are a Nexus phone user, you would have to switch to a brand new phone to be able to use the latest OS. The Apple OS, iOS on the other hand is made available to all the Apple users around the world and the best part is the entire Apple device is made in a way that they are future compatible. This means that you can easily upgrade your device to the latest OS irrespective of how old your iPhone is.

Apple iPhone

No worries of Bloatware

The internet is filled with plenty of articles/blogs that provide bloatware removal tips for the Android phone users. Although, Android phone manufacturers have got better at minimizing the pain of having to deal with bloatware problems by lumping all carrier bloatware into a single folder, it still occupies a lot of space on your phone.

With Apple iPhone you will not find single carrier software that is pre-loaded on the device. This makes it the cleanest out of box device. Even though, Apple phone have a few pre-loaded apps that you want to use, they are still much more restrained than Android phone manufacturers.

Best Customer support

Typically, when people face any problem with their Android phone, they try various online forums or call their carrier for solutions. But, if you own an iPhone, you can simply visit the Apple website and tap into the huge database of tips and other helpful articles to find solution for your phone problem. You can even get help through live chat with the Apple customer executive for solutions. You can also fix an appointment at the Apple Store Genius bar to get your phone checked by the professional technicians. The Android users doesn’t have this privilege, they are on their own.

Better parental control

With the iPhone becoming the most sought after smartphone a large number of youngsters have started using the phone. If you want to buy your teenager son/daughter it is best that you buy him/her an iPhone as you would have better control/restriction on what apps your child uses. Apple has a feature called Family Sharing, which lets you share the same apps, books and other content across various devices that your family members own. This restricts the teenage users from using apps that are inappropriate for them.

Apple pay

The need for an efficient and reliable online payment platform is felt now more than ever before. This is where Apple scores amazing brownie points over Android with its Apple Pay. Although, the feature is still at a nascent stage it has been recognized as the best easy to use mobile payment platform that is accepted by a large number of retailers worldwide. Also, the platform has support from all major credit card brands, which is a big plus.

So, what say Android users? Want to give iPhone a try?

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