A service that will offer you the best of network usage and fast connectivity


With more than eight years in the business, Hide My Ass is one of a kind VPN service provider that allows you to access secure and safe internet accessibility being anywhere in the world with a relatively high speed. Virtual Private Network services are used by most business companies and organisations and nowadays even being used privately by individuals to get better access to all kinds of internet websites and links. It also gives the advantage of using the internet like a local even when you are in a different country altogether.

HideMyAss Review clearly states that when it comes to number and locations, this is the largest VPN provider you will come across. With more than nine hundred servers over two hundred countries, it is the most widely used and preferred network service all over. It is UK based but has ensured a wide location based angle giving you the access to connect to its server anywhere in the world. It works on both Windows and OS X software allowing you to have easy accessibility for both the software.

VPN protocols to follow

It is important to understand that according to rules and protocols the VPN serving networks can actually keep records and tracks of the internet activity and locations of the user and disclose it to government organisations if some security related interference activity occurs through their network by any individual user or any other business organisation. This is a known law and all information is tracked. However be rest assured that when you want to stay out of bounds from unknown and unwanted websites then your location and IP address will not be disclosed and will remain safely guarded by Hide My Ass.

The rates of Hide My Ass are higher than most other VPN services because of its high internet speed, location availability and safe and secure browsing. You can access websites that have even been barred from viewing in a particular country or location with the help of choosing a different IP address other than your real one. As per the subscription for one year is concerned it is at a rate of $6.55 per month, then for a month’s package it will cost you $11.52 and for a six months package the deal will cost you $8.33.

High security guaranteed

With Hide My Ass you can easily avoid yourself from the hands of hackers and none can actually trace your real location, name or whereabouts. One of their best features includes the thirty days money back guarantee. In case you are not happy with service promised and provided then you can cancel the subscription within thirty days and get back your payment as promised. Therefore no need to be apprehensive, because if you are displeased with the service or for any reasons do not want to continue with the connection.

With the HideMyAss Review you can get a comprehensive structure about how it works and on what levels it is efficient and useful. Get yourself the fastest and the largest VPN provider and avail its exclusive benefits.

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