Can Advances in Cable TV Fend Off the Threat From Streaming Video?


There is no denying that streaming video has changed the way that many of us watch TV. The ability to watch whatever we want at the time that suits us has opened up some incredible options.

However, anyone who has written off the ability of cable TV to fend off this new rival may want to consider what traditional cable and satellite companies have been doing to fight back. Will it be enough for them to fend off the new threat?

New Plans

Great news for people who like to tailor the TV to their own needs is that many cable companies are now offering new plans more likely to meet their needs. As more and more people get used to watching on their terms, it makes perfect sense for cable and satellite packages to be easier to tailor.

This means that it is no longer necessary to pay for channels you don’t watch. Instead, it is now easier to find the perfect blend of channels for your taste, choosing from several different packages offering great value.

Packaged Deals

When you think about it, getting your internet and your cable TV through the one supplier probably makes more sense than ever these days. This is because it is now common for many people to switch between cable channels and streaming services.

What this means is that you can balance the cost of your cable TV and your internet data usage, as going over certain data plan limits can increase your internet cost. If you get the balance right then you can watch exactly what you want at the best possible cost.

More on Demand Services

The best cable companies have already been offering their customers on demand services for a number of years now. However, the rise of internet streaming has meant that there are now more viewers who want this kind of thing than ever before.

Simply put, we now live in an age in which we all expect to get what we want when it suits us. Streaming can give us this on a relatively limited basis, while traditional TV can fill in the gaps with the likes of big sporting events and other quality offerings.

Don’t forget that many cable services now come with smart boxes that also let you record, rewind and pause live TV. This is an advance that has made a big difference to the lives of busy people who simply can’t always sit down in front of the television at the time they would like to.

Better Deals

At the end of the day, it is the average customer that is going to win as cable TV companies fight back against the threat of streaming services. This is because you can now expect to see better deals to keep you enjoying cable TV.

This means that you can now watch your favorite shows on cable at a price that suits you. It is a great piece of news for all of us, and we can expect to see some people who have cancelled their cable contract to be tempted into returning by these special prices.

These days, it is entirely possible to enjoy watching TV on your terms, with the traditional cable option still a valuable and useful option thank to modern advances.

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