All That You Need To Know About The Types Of Laminating Machines


A laminating machine constructs a fabric into multiple layers to improve its strength, appearance, and stability. Normally important documents like the license and certificates are laminated to improve their longevity. This process is often done through pressure, heat, or adhesives techniques. Different types of laminating machines are available in the market.

Let’s have a brief idea about a few of those available types.

Roll Laminators:

Widely known as film laminators, roll laminating machines are used for large scale lamination process that is required by big organizations. Large rolls of sheets are used in such machines for the documents to be laminated. You can use these machines to laminate documents of any type or size.

Consecutive lamination of several documents in a row is also possible with this instrument. It is not suitable for small scale users, as the cost involved is high. With its very big size, a roll laminator requires relatively large volume of space to occupy in your office.

To laminate a document in a roll laminator, you need place the documents at the opening of the plastic sheet. During the process, two sheets of plastic lined with adhesive adhere to the document permanently.

Pouch Laminators

A pouch laminator is a portable machine and is small in size. In this machine, pouches are used for laminating documents. A pouch is an adhesive-lined plastic. When the machine is operated after placing the pouch on the carrier, the two sides adhere together in presence of heat. The thickness of the pouch usually will be in between 3 mm and 10 mm.

The thickness of the pouch decides the strength given to the document through lamination. Unlike roll machines, pouch laminating machines are smaller in size and so, they are easy to be stored, when not in use. Even though pouch laminators are very cheap in comparison with roll laminators, they are not enough to use documents of bigger sizes.

Cold Laminators

Cold Laminating machines are a relatively new entrant in the laminating industry. This machine uses pressure instead of heat with the adhesive for laminating fabrics. They offer a water tight lamination, when most other process doesn’t have this facility. Cold laminatorsdo not require a power source to operate. So, they are very handy and can be used in other locations.

This laminator does not produce any heat and so, is the safest option for lamination. Apart from that, unlike other machines, we don’t wait for this machine to be heated as we can use them immediately. These advantages become the reason for popularizing these machines among others.

Cold laminating machines are the only available options that could laminate a single side of the document. Stickers and magnets also can be made with the help of cold laminators. These options leave a possibility of using these machines in the field of education as well as business.

Understanding the features and advantages of each type of laminating machines will help you to select the option you are looking for. Compare the features with your requirements and make the right choice.

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