How Essential is 24/7 Everywhere You Go Internet to You?


We live in an age where Wi-Fi is the dominant force. Having access to the Internet from a single connection point wasn’t enough. If you think about how often we use our phones, most of the functions involve the Internet. When things go wrong, it can cause real disruption to our lives. 

It’s led to the creation of services from Share Fileand mobile versions of popular websites like Google and CNN.

These are some of the reasons why having a permanent connection to the Internet is so important.


City centers across the world have complained about the rise of online shopping. Shopping for all manner of products online has put the power back into the hands of the consumer. You can shop at any time of the day or night for a far greater number of products than you can in a physical store.

It’s vital for both store owners and customers to have 24-hour access to the Internet. Customers want to buy when they want and shop owners need to fulfill orders and contact buyers.

Safety Reasons 

The Internet allows technologies like the real-time GPS system to work. Parents often login to a special account area where they can watch their offspring in real-time. It gives them peace of mind and ensures they can act quickly should signs of trouble arise.

Share Everything 

You can share everything with cloud storage and file sharing technologies. . You don’t have to visit someone in order to show them your holiday snaps or the latest plan for company growth. Just sign in to the Internet and upload your file. They can collect it at their leisure.


The working day used to start at 9am and end at 5pm for everyone. The 21st century is the age of the flexible worker. We don’t all work during normal business hours, or even at reasonable times. Freelance workers and employees in different time zones can work whenever they please because there’s a permanent connection to the online world.

This increases productivity for both businesses and workers. It also offers so much flexibility. Now you can organize your work around the rest of your life.

Constant Contact 

Travellers used to have to write letters or find the only calling point within a hundred miles to speak to loved ones back home. And even this didn’t transcend time zone differences. With the use of a 24/7 connection, you can call your family and friends from the computer and speak to them either via webcam or as a voice call.

This constant contact improves our social lives and enables us to remain in contact with those important to us wherever we are.

Just How Essential? 

To realize just how essential having a 24-hour connection is, look at what happens when a connection goes awry. It causes chaos. People become stressed and frustrated. These reactions alone say all which needs to be said about how important we consider the online system of work and communication.

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