Blue Coat Systems – Powerful solutions for all the web users


Blue Coat System provides the advanced web security solutions for the entire world. The main purpose of the blue coat system is to protect the enterprises and the users from the threats and from the hackers. This threat can be emerged from the network or from the web or even from the cloud or mobile devices. As of now Blue Coat is protecting over 15000 organizations every day, including 70% of the Fortune Global 500. Blue Coats have partnered with the network and security operations team in addressing the fundamental shifting of their computing landscape with optimal network, security and cloud implication. This system unites all the network, security and cloud implication to make sure they give maximum protection with minimum network impact.  They are fully embracingthe concept with cloud applications and services.

Advanced Web Protection with Optimal performances

When it comes to providing advanced web protections, they are seamlessly protection cloud and on-premise assets. They defend against the advanced threats over the net by stopping the dangerous threats with the blue coat security applications. They also manage with the encrypted traffic by uncovering the blind spots which come from the SSL and HTTPS traffics. However, they respond rapidly when the security incidents happen by reducing exposure caused by the security incidents. The ultimate protection of the web application was secured when each and every individual were using their data under the blue coat system. When they use this system, there will be optimal performances due to the accelerated performances comes through the enhanced security through Blue Coat Systems.

The Customer and the Engineer Support

The customer support and the engineer support given by the Blue Coat has no limit, they serve by 27/7 giving a slogan as Follow the Sun, having 6 support centers worldwide. There were five research and development centers.  The innovation goes beyond their hand by having partner program both Channel Partners and Technology Integration. However, the partners customized the development and also they promote the partner solutions and their services. The collaborative activities included the training, education, co-marketing initiatives, technical tools, and the cooperative sales planning. The Blue Coat K9 web protection is the web filtering solution for all the home network providers and the end users by providing them with safer internet experience. Moreover, this K9 Web protection serves the enterprise technology used by the Blue Coat’s Fortune Global 500 customers. This K9 web Protection is very friendly, simple and reliable software for all platforms and also available for all iPhone, iPads, Androids and iPods.

The Past and the Present of Blue Coat’s Growth

Blue Coat is founded in the year 1996 having its headquarters in Sunnyvale, California, USA. It was a Private, Subsidiary of the Symantec Corporation under the Internet Software. They raised their company funding from more than 6 million dollars to 120 million dollars in the year 1999. But, now in 2016 it has acquired a capital of around 2.4 billion dollars.

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