Feel the Beat with a Quality Backing Track Today


Singing is one of those things that just brings people together. Music is one of our purest means of expression and there’s just nothing like belting out a Beatles classic, Broadway hit, or the latest by Beyoncé. It’s something that cuts across all kinds of divides, and is always worth supporting. As such, whether you’re trying out for a school play, busk for a living, or just love to sing, here is a guide to finding good tracks online.

The Areas for Tracks

Singing catchy songs is a kind of psycho-social communion, can be community building, and is just plain fun. That said, getting the music for these songs to play behind you can be difficult. After all, if you try to sing over the original recording, you won’t be all that well-heard over the original voice, and chances are you don’t necessarily always want your voice compared to theirs, anyway. What’s more, if you’re doing this for any kind of professional performance, or are doing this for another medium (more on that in a minute), you’re going to want to arrange things so it’s only your voice that’s heard on the track. If you don’t have a band of your own, this can seemingly limit your choices. After all, you can’t do justice to so many of the most popular songs of yesterday and today without the actual music and instrumentation, and while you could always hire a band or orchestra to do the job, there are a myriad of reasons why that can be impractical, not the least of which being the huge cost, scheduling, and logistics.

That’s why backing tracks can be so important. These, as you probably know, allow you to have a recording of the song you need. What’s so great about a backing track is the fact that the best ones are barely recognisable as such since the sound quality, instrumentation and, where necessary, backing vocals are so good that they make for the best possible substitute for having a live band there. It’s just you, the track, and your adoring public, which is perfect for any aspiring singer looking to sing a few hits by legends past and present, or prepare for that musical audition.

Staying on Track with These Tips

There are many different places a backing track may be featured, which in turn will dictate what kind of recording you want. If you’re doing a spoof of a current song for a radio or TV commercial, for instance, you’ll want a recording which can be easily synced and imported to whatever editing software you use to put the spot together. If you’re looking to use tracks for a theatre audition or performance, you’ll want to check as to the acoustics in the particular theatre, how they work with the song and, if applicable, how the recording works with the in-house sound system. If you’re busking, you’ll of course want to ensure that your tracks are of the sort which can be heard above the roar of the Tube and passers by.

Share your voice with the world with a quality backing track today.

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