BPM Product


BPM Product

Modern business realities are rough. You need to deliver better products, services and experiences, and you can do it faster and with a smaller budget than the previous year. This is where BPM product come to rescue as they can help your business become more efficient and profitable.

What is a BPM product

BPM, which stands for Business Process Management is a business approach based on the idea of business process optimization and standardization.

In order to accomplish business goals, your employees need to work together. However, most of businesses operate in ad-hoc and chaotic manner, where all tasks are executed with almost no understanding of how it all works. In order to improve your business and your understanding of the overall situation, you must begin from documenting how work is conducted in the office by mapping the processes that underlie each business activity. This will help clarify accountability and make it easy to do simple optimizations.

To stay competitive, you need to become more efficient. And the problem could be that your systems and processes are going in the opposite direction. If your core processes are full of labor intensive, error-prone, involving manual steps, it costs your people time, leave them juggling tons of applications and keep you from adapting and responding to new opportunities. Since you don’t have visibility on what is actually happening, you are making decisions for now, based on a historical after-the-fact data. Such working methods will only cause the decrease efficiency of your business on a daily basis.

BPM Product

How can a BPM product help your business?

By documenting the processes, it becomes easier to understand and visualize how the work is conducted in your office. This understanding is the first step towards creating a greater efficiency of your business. The next step is to use a software product like BPM’online to capture and store these processes in the digital format, where it is easy to assign ownership, perform diagnostics and analyze inefficiencies. Visit https://www.bpmonline.com/bpm-software and find even more amazing features regarding BPM’online system.

Your business is made of business processes. Business Process Management is what makes business and IT collaborate in order to design new improved business processes. Obviously, there are technical requirements where you will need to align existing IT assets with the processes inside your company. What you don’t want here is a static requirements document. Business Process Management systems like BPM’online can show a model-to execute approach to keep the business view of the process in front of the business owner, while the developers can work on the technical implementation.

The software can effortlessly make the round trips between viewers, while the automated processes do the following:

  • reduce mistakes
  • improve speed and visibility
  • increase agility

Besides that, a Business Process Management software supports the complete life cycle for reusable services; moreover, the work that is carried out to implement process automation is documented and controlled.

Business Process Management brings consistent execution of working tasks and provides for a consistent flow of work-related information.

BPM Product

Deployment of a BPM system at your enterprise can help you with:

  • Optimizing your business to reduce mistakes
  • Automatically orchestrate your processes for them to run smoothly
  • Bringing visibility into the current status of the process
  • Improving agility to do things quicker and faster than competitors
  • Leveraging technology to do things that were impossible until now

BPM’online’s library of controls and out-of-the-box document management and collaboration tools make processes easy-to-create and deploy. Every step of the process is monitored in real-time allowing for alerts and an automated handling of the exceptions. The processes can be changed on the fly to meet new business requirements in real time.

Analytics provide visual feedback on performance in real time and can point the way to improve business processes. BPM’online has long been the most popular software used to manage business processes. You can deploy business process management solution across the enterprise and out to your partner network, which will give you the confidence that your business processes will go equally smoothly anywhere.

The huge benefit of using BPM’online is that you don’t need to stop everything and rebuild your core processes from scratch. This particular BPM product helps you in transition, automation and streamlining of your whole business activity on the fly. It can help to identify and deal with the hectic manual pieces of your process, streamline and automate all these disconnected parts, discover the exceptions before they clog up the system and enable your teams to communicate and collaborate no matter what device they are using.

Best of all, with BPM you can actually see the big picture where you are going and what is really important, as well as have the capability to act upon. The BPM’online allows you to capture your core business processes data and store it in a common database where it can be reviewed and standardized prior to its implementation. Once approved these processes and related data can be shared with employees, accessed for daily tasks, training and collaboration. These optimized processes can automatically be executed using a process workflow tool to route the work data to each resource when it is needed. This type of process execution is particularly useful when there are the processes possessing high risks, so when an order is received, it is automatically sent to a responsible person and saved on the server. Validation can be handled automatically based on preset thresholds for the values that are in the order data. An approved order is sent for the final verification. This system saves both your time and the time of your clients, and makes your team more productive.

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