How to Make Social Media and SEO go Together


Everyone knows that content is the most important thing if one wishes to increase their SEO ranking. Quality trumps quality. But even if you do have unique and original content how do you ensure that it is distributed properly so that it reaches multiple users?

With the recent advent of social media and the boom of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat have become much easier to gather a customer base. If you have an SEO company in Delhi you must be wondering how to get your ranking up. You needn’t worry; here are a few ways to help you maintain a social presence that can help you with your ranking.

1) Different Social Media Platforms Weigh Differently With Google :

Every social platform has its own norms and criteria to be fulfilled. Maintaining all those accounts can be a tedious task. Google+ has more impact on your ranking when compared to Facebook and Twitter. Yet Google+ is considered to be one level beneath all these platforms because it doesn’t have that many users. Make sure that you make your presence known on all the three platforms and keep on updating them regularly.

2) Make your content easy to find by using Social Sharing :

Google aims to provide its users with quality content when they search for a particular thing. It does so by interpreting social signals. Google has to quickly filter through a lot of content that is being frequently uploaded to provide its users with the best of the best. To judge this, Google looks at what has been retweeted the most, who all are posting the content and if you aim on being the top SEO company in Delhi or in India or even beyond that, make sure your content is easy to find by social sharing.

3) Social Shares Are the New Linkbacks :

Initially the number of links that directed to your website played a huge role in deciding whether your website is relevant and real or not. But people made deals with others to crowd their websites with keyword rich inbound links. But such black hat SEO tricks must be avoided. Now, Google not only looks at the number of times a link appears on the site, it also takes into consideration how many times URLs appear in different posts on Facebook, the likes and shares they get, tweets and their retweets, etc.

4) Social Reputation as a Metric of Site Quality and Authority :

If you a social page that you regularly update increases your reputation and standing in the eyes of Google. If you genuinely engage with your audience and share relevant content that actually helps your users then they will be more inclined to share your website with others and that will help with increasing your ranking in the eyes of search engines.

5) Social Media Conversations Can Generate Content :

Social media platforms allow you to have discussions about various things that are “in” at that moment. Monitoring that discussion and listening to what your users have to say or what they want to talk about will help you provide them with the kind of content that they need. You can provide your users with the kind of information they need to be educated about certain things. If your audience is discussing about a particular thing, you can upload an article and help answer all their questions.

Word of mouth marketing as well as customer engagement can be easily tracked through shares, comments, retweets, hashtags and other social media actions. Hopefully the points mentioned above will help you increase your ranking in the eyes of different search engines!


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