Cell Phone Headaches – What Causes Them and How to Stop Them


Cell Phone Headaches and other EMF health concerns are fast becoming a menace globally for many people. In some very rare and extreme cases some people cannot stand the EMF radiations being emitted by cell phones or mobile phone towers.  More and more people are experiencing these symptoms and it is only a matter of time before we all become victims. Aires Technologies produces radiation blocking cell phone case designed to neutralize the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation from cell phones, cordless phones, tablets and baby monitors.

Causes of cell phone headaches and possible solutions!

These cases are caused by constant exposure to EMF toxicity. Products like radiation blocking cell phone case helps the body block EMF with its own EMF blocking energy. Having such devices are important, as this will help reduce the harmful effects of radiation on the body such as fatigue, headache and other stress related problems. Truth remains that these EMF related health issues are on the rise and they affect people across all age groups.

With these headaches increasing daily, many people are unaware that they are keeping a source of EMF in their hand, on their ear and in their pocket or on their hip at nearly all times. At night, they place them right under their pillow or on their nightstand as an alarm clock. Each time you make or receive a call, you do not realised that you are putting your brain at risk as it is exposed to harmful radiation.

You may reckon that a free hands earpiece is a possible easy alternative and solution to this problem, but what you may not know is that your earpiece carries around three times the amount of radiation direct into your brain. It might interest you to know that the ear piece works as a conduit for radiation, thus resulting into serious problems ranging from migraines to pains.  Although phones are not the major and most dangerous EMF sources around, it is the most frequently used. For the fact that they are always around our body, cell phones are considered a major EMF source.

Cell phone headaches are becoming a serious issue in today’s society and most people can feel the effects after about 15 minutes to an hour of use. For children it is worse, wear one short phone call can disrupt a child’s normal brain activity for over an hour. While some people who are yet to feel these symptoms pay little or no attention to these facts, there is every likelihood that they will feel it too.  It may be as a result of the fact that they use their cell phone less often but if we continue on this path we are all going to come down with these symptoms too.

Research and projects are currently been carried out to produce several products that can increase the body’s natural bio fields and offer its own resistance to shield us from high amounts of EMF.


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