Cell Phone Locating Apps


Everyone would have gone through a situation in their life at least once, where they have to search all around for their missed mobile phone. This might happen frequently, if you are more absent-minded to leave your mobile back, wherever you go. How would it be, if you could get a technical help to locate your missed mobile phone? Well, it must be great. And the technical help is none other than the cell phone locator software tools, many of which are available online nowadays. In this article we are going to walk through the needs for a smartphone locator and some apps to sophisticate the process.

Need for Tracking Apps

In the present situation, it is very hard to find a person without a smartphone. It has become an unavoidable addition to our lives, in such a way that we take it wherever we go. Due to this, it is very common to miss the mobile phones often, where we need to search for it in all the places we have been to, in a day. Sometimes, it could also get stolen, after which we would be clueless about the location of our cell phones. The tracking software programs could help us in these cases to reach to our mobile phones.

On the other hand, these tracking apps are also used in safety and spying activities, to monitor or locate the targeted person on a specified time. You can locate your kids, family members, and cheating employees with their mobile phones, when their devices are loaded with these apps. But, tracing a mobile device for spying purposes involves secrecy, i.e. the person shouldn’t have an idea that his/her mobile phone is being traced. So, those who are concerned on how to track a cell phone location without them knowing, there are several spy apps that offers to secretly locate the targeted device. These apps can also be used in situations, where people want to keep an eye on their lovable ones such as life partner or girlfriend/boyfriend, when they feel that their trust is being betrayed. Thus, these tracking apps, helps us to make sure that our lovable ones are fine, without calling him /her. Let’s go through the best three mobile tracking apps now.

Highster Mobile Spy

This app is a very good mobile spy that monitors all activities of the targeted mobile device. It features a simple and easy installation process and doesn’t requires rooting of the device. Today, most of the parents, wish to be powered by a resource like a Highster Mobile Spy program to monitor their children.


The important feature of this app is the extensive monitoring property, such as,

  • WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram monitoring
  • Browser history monitoring
  • Contact, call logs and text monitoring
  • Tracks the perfect location of the mobile


MSpy is one of the best parental control phone tracker app, which is compatible with both iPhone and Android. It is a user-friendly, and well efficient mobile app, which means that it is able to track and collect the information about the targeted person’s activity at ease.


  • Blocking websites and application
  • Key logging capability
  • Geo-fencing


It is an ultimate spy software, which has an additional feature to find the location of a mobile phone that goes well with iPhone and iPod. It starts to perform all the monitoring activities and location tracking, hidden from the targeted device, just after the installation.


  • Offers to record and listen to live calls
  • Read SMS and MMS messages
  • Track emails

Thus, as mentioned there are hundreds of smartphone tracking and monitoring apps, but we have presented you three from the list of best ones, to go with. Try, installing these apps for your monitoring and tracking needs.

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