Choosing the Right Smartphones for the Right People


Whether looking to give the gift of a smartphone to someone you love or treating yourself to one, one thing is for certain: you have to do your research. While some phones regularly top the many “best of” lists that come out each and every year, these phones are only general “bests.” Many phones on the market are better for different people of different interests and will prove to be a better choice despite whatever the newest and “greatest” phone may be. Below is our list of the best phones broken down by different interests and abilities.

The Best Phone for Beginners

The “beginner” smartphone is one which is user-friendly and incredibly uncomplicated. These phones provide easy access to calling friends and family, text messaging, email and web browsing.

The solution: a Windows phone. These phones can be customized and tailored to an individual’s preferences, and as the phone owner grows accustomed to using a smartphone, he or she can change its layout and add apps as he or she sees fit. It also provides access to familiar Microsoft tools, such as Outlook and Office.

The Best Phone for Photographers

One thing that we have come to expect from our mobile phones is decent – if not exceptional – camera. The OPPO n3 takes photography with mobile phones to the next level with their 206-degree swivel camera that boasts 16 megapixels in both the front and rear camera. It also features:

  • O-Click remote control
  • A motorized rotating lens
  • Touch focus
  • Face detection technology
  • Auto-panorama
  • HDR

The phone also has an impressive battery life so photographers can snap as many pictures as they want without being afraid of draining the battery. It is also nice that this camera features an amazing 5.5 inch display with a resolution of 1080×1920 pixels.

The Best Phone with a Big Screen

For those who appreciate a larger screen, then the Samsung Galaxy 4 Note will be a perfect fit. This phone is known as a “phablet” (a phone tablet) and is the perfect compromise between the two. With a fast camera and a bright, crisp display, this phone is perfect for multitasking and for performing multiple tasks at once. The phone comes with an incredibly accurate stylus which makes working on this phone a breeze, though do beware: this phone has a shorter battery life than most.

The Best Phone for the Apple, iOS Lover

There are two dominating camps in the mobile phone market: the iPhone lovers and the Android lovers. Those who love their iPhone claim that they will never “go Android”, and so if you are or know someone who is of this camp, you can do no better than the iPhone 6. Attractive, bright, and featuring Touch ID, this phone has everything one could want. Those who love tons of storage space, however, will need to look elsewhere as there is once again no expandable storage option with the iPhone 6. Beginners may also find the need to use iTunes and other Apple applications difficult.

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